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Digital marketing involves positioning your business through digital tools, including social media, websites, emails, online advertising, search engines, and mobile phones. This approach is different from traditional marketing and requires the use of certain advanced technologies. Today, we reveal to you the reasons why digital marketing is essential for any structure.

1. More and more people are shopping online

According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online, while Tech Crunch reports that 79% of them go online to shop. These statistics tell us one thing: buying online is the future of shopping. So, if your business is not offering its products and services on the web, through an effective digital marketing strategy, you are leaving money on the table. No matter how much profit you already make, getting your products and services online will give you a huge advantage.

2. Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing

There is nothing more important in marketing than metrics. These are almost impossible to measure using traditional marketing techniques such as newspaper ads or advertisements. This is because you cannot accurately determine how many people bought your products because they watched your ads on TV. One of the benefits that make digital marketing remarkable is that it lets you track every step of your campaigns, saving you from spending unnecessary effort and expense on ones that don’t bring you anything.

3. Digital marketing is most relevant.

With digital marketing, you can place your ads exactly where your audience is. Plus, you can segment your audience as finely as you want so you don’t waste your ad spend unnecessarily. Take the example of Facebook marketing. The platform lets you select the age group, gender, and even geographic locations you want to target!

4. Explore new territories

In a globalized world, you cannot rely solely on your local customers. Even if they are loyal to you, you must cross borders and look for prospects in other countries. Digital marketing makes such expansion much easier compared to traditional advertising, as your web-launched advertisements can be seen in every corner of the globe you are targeting.

5. Digital marketing is highly adaptable

In the past, if a television commercial, paid for at a huge sum, does not produce the expected results, the company that launched it can only admire the damage. Now, thanks to digital marketing, which is a very flexible form of marketing, you don’t have to wait for your campaigns to end to make adjustments. For example, if you run an online sales business and your conversion rate is very low compared to the budget invested, you can immediately change your targeting or advertising message.

The importance of natural referencing (SEO) in a company’s digital marketing strategy

Today, the first reflex of an Internet user wishing to find a good or service is to search for information on this product on a search engine, in particular Google. In fact, this person is more likely to click on one of the first 5 results of their search. The results displayed on the second page are thus very rarely consulted.

The whole problem for a company, therefore, lies in placing content at the top of the ranking of results, in order to take advantage of the very high traffic recorded at the level of search engines. This is where SEO comes in handy. It brings together all the techniques to optimize the positioning of the pages of a website among the natural results of a search engine.

Technically, it is a question of creating a website, as well as useful content for the reader that meets the criteria of the relevance of Google’s algorithms as much as possible. Natural referencing also covers the optimization of links leading to your digital points of presence and those of experts in other fields.

In the long term, a well-conducted SEO strategy strengthens your credibility and guarantees the visibility of your company with different categories of leads. By using relevant keywords, you allow any Internet user to easily find the appropriate information at any time for appropriate decision-making.

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