6 New Highlights of Kenworth Trucks Today

kenworth trucks

Do you consider yourself a truck enthusiast? Then you know that these heavy-duty vehicles’ like Kenworth Trucks look and sleek designs aren’t only the specifications that matter the most. In truth, there’s a particular focus on operations and services that would be accessible once you have purchased the truck for business. Thus, Kenworth immediately comes to mind as it is a supreme standard in the trucking industry.

From its foundation in 1923, thanks to partners Edgar Worthington and Fredrick Kent, you can expect a long, rich, and eventful history. Manufacturing the best vehicles in the trucking market shows that the company is more than committed to meeting and delivering the demands of its clients. Such are the technological advancements and highlights that many are excited about. Discover the six new highlights of Kenworth trucks today.

Bluetooth Microphone

In this modern age, wired microphones would cause distractions while driving. All drivers require a Bluetooth microphone that promises a hassle-free communication opportunity while on the road. You can find it out near the header’s CB tray.

Sleek Hood in Kenworth Trucks

In aerodynamic hoods, Kenworth takes it to the next level as it includes an incredible air intake system design, narrower grille, hood air vent intended for aero benefit, and stylish high-visibility side turn indicators. The hood is undeniably sleek, and you have two sizes to choose from that are equipped with a split tender setup.

Bumper and Under-Truck Airflow Technology

The restyled aeromechanics bumpers focus on maintaining the same angle approach and ground clearance as the previous Kenworth trucks. The profile is evidently improved to acquire direct air past the wheel openings, thus enhancing aerodynamics.

Furthermore, the air dam’s design grants guidance and control to the airflow under the chassis while still proffering the protective coverage with features of the offset radar.

TruckTech Remote Diagnostics

Its Kenworth unique system augments the vehicle diagnostics as it provides engine health information which is crucial to fleet managers and dealers. You can detect the diagnoses of the system. It has focused on recommendations for the solution provided to the driver and fleet manager. It is currently the high-quality standard of Kenworth’s T680 system.

Kenworth Trucks Smartwheel

Is it possible that Kenworth now has the next-gen smartwheel? It’s not impossible as it is the latest standard the company took. It is made of optional leather or scientifically referred to as polyurethane. The features of the smartwheel consist of ground-breaking intuitive controls for its 15-inch innovative Digital Display.

The switches are associated with the vehicle’s specifications. While the modern-day digital instrumentation system allows seamless viewing selections between diverse views for the driver’s customizable “Favorite View.” Scrolling up and down is hassle-free through its smartwheel putting radio functions and cruise control at the driver’s fingertips.

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

It is a first for Kenworth to introduce ADAS, enabling the Torque Assisted Steering and Lane Keeping Assist as choices. Torque Assisted Steering has the feature Bendix Fusion granting additional torque for the steering column and diminishing fatigue. Lane Keeping Assist utilizes a camera to identify departing and keeping on the lane’s center. Further inclusions are Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Side Object Detection, and Collision Mitigation.

Kenworth doesn’t back away from the modern-day trucking challenges. They deliver trucks with features and highlights that exceed everyone’s expectations most of the time. To acquire heavy and medium Kenworth t680 for sale, visit this website.

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