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Health and Fitness

Becoming a lifeguard: Training to become a lifeguard

ALA Lifeguard training certificate

Do you want to become a lifeguard? On this page you will find the development path, the Lifeguard training, the retraining information, the online offer and also the competence training and courses for a Lifeguard.

  • Professional lifeguard training
  • Lifeguard competence training
  • Online lifeguard courses
  • Retrain as a lifeguard
  • Lifeguard skills training

How do you become a Lifeguard?

For the profession of lifeguard , a diploma obtained from a recognized training as a lifeguard and/or swimming teacher is generally required. This course lasts four years and can be obtained at CIOs. The lifeguard must also have a first aid and CPR certificate.

Education, courses and training to become a lifeguard

There are no Lifeguard courses available. You can look further at the training courses of the sector in which a Lifeguard works

View more Facility Services courses
Is it wise to become a lifeguard?

Before you start lifeguard training , it is a good idea to first determine whether there are good job opportunities for now and in the future. You may not want to become a Lifeguard if job opportunities are poor or poor.

Retrain as a lifeguard

If you want to retrain as a Lifeguard, there may be several paths. It is increasingly common that there are specific vacancies with retraining. At that time your Lifeguard training is organized by the employer. When there are reschool vacancies for Lifeguard, you will find them directly below.

Vacancies with (Re)training as a lifeguard

Retraining with salary is of course so nice, you earn right from the start of your new job. The training costs are also often paid by the employer. We have a total of 4 different types of (re)training vacancies. Direct retraining, BBL (Professional Guidance Learning Path) training vacancies, Student vacancies and Traineeships. If there are any vacancies of this type for Lifeguard, you will find them below.

At the moment there are no reschool vacancies for Lifeguard

Retrain independently or grow into a Lifeguard

If you want to become a Lifeguard from an existing job, i.e. you want to retrain or progress to Lifeguard, the following things are important:

Interest and Motivation Lifeguard

To do your job well, you have to like it. You must find your profession interesting in terms of content and it must match your motivation. The substantive description of the profession can be found at What does a Lifeguard do?

Competencies and Skills Lifeguard

In addition to interest and motivation, it is important that you have the competencies that a Lifeguard needs to work successfully. You will have some of these competencies naturally, but most of them you can just learn.

Personality of a Lifeguard

For every profession it is important that it suits you as a person. Below you will find the two most important person types for the Lifeguard profession. If you want to become a Lifeguard, at least one of the personality types must suit you strongly, the second person type must in any case give recognition.

Expertise for a Lifeguard

It is also very useful for a Lifeguard and often required to understand the specific expertise and content. Many professional Lifeguard training courses are a combination of theoretical background and practice-oriented knowledge and skills.

Online Training & Education Lifeguard

Lifeguard work experience

For a starting lifeguard who has just completed the training, it is less important that she has the necessary experience. But for someone who wants to retrain or progress to become a Lifeguard, it is a plus if there is relevant experience. This could be experience in a profession that has similarities such as

  • swimming instructor,
  • No lifeguard training, but something else?

Is a lifeguard training perhaps not for you? You can use this search bar to find more than 30,000 education, training and courses of at least 1000 subjects.

Education and Training per skill Lifeguard

If you want to become a lifeguard, or want to get better at your profession, it is smart to follow education or to strengthen your skills and properties.

Are you suitable to become a lifeguard?

Would you like to become a lifeguard? Or do you not yet know which profession suits you? If you want to know how you can use your characteristics and competences in the labor market, go to our Job suggestion tool and find promising vacancies that match your job profile. This way you can find out whether a Lifeguard course is a good choice for you.

How can I register for a Lifeguard course or training?

You can register directly via the website if you wish. You can also request a brochure first and compare it with other Lifeguard courses or  courses . That is a smart thing to do, especially when it comes to a more expensive or longer education or training. It is often also smart to talk to a training advisor, who can help you compare and make a choice.

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