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People on the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise have a unique sense of style in the blue water of Marina Dubai. Elegance and charm show that you go beyond what you can think of. On the Cruise, everything is done quickly and with a smile. This cruise travels from Dubai Marina to the Palm Atlantis Dubai Sea with stunning views, authentic food, and two hours of cruising.

Tour Features

  • Duration 3
  • Starting Time 7:30 PM
  • Pick & Drop Free(Within City)
  • Tour guides in more than 7 languages
  • Free Cancelation before 24 Hours

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Experience

Make the most of your time off. Be excited to learn and organize more than ever before. You should go on a Dubai Marina Cruise if you want to do more of what you want.

We don’t just say our food is made from scratch, we mean it! If you want to have a great time every day, you should go to our wonderful floating restaurant in Dubai Marina. It’s full of gastronomic surprises and classy style that rivals the best restaurants on the water. When you get on a cruise, you’ll find that there are many things to do, from calming hunts and inspirational events to the best entertainment and a buffet from all over the world.

During the Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai, you can enjoy enticing food from a cruise ship, exciting entertainment, and reliable native experiences. Rock the floor under the stars to a mix of Arab and Western music at special events. Dip your toes in the water at high-class traditional events. As a place for shows and skills and interesting native performances like the Tanoura dance or the Magic Show, this is the place to go.

Stargazing on the top deck makes you feel more romantic and gives you a chance to tell your partner how you feel. Our carnivals and cruise events are a great way to learn about the history and culture of Dubai Marina.

A lot of things, like live entertainment shows, the floor for the dances, music, and food that tastes good, will make your trips more fun.

Every Generation Loves These Cruises

It is always nice to spend time with your friends and family. That time can be more valuable if you use it well. The 15th of May is a day to honour family in many countries. It’s a holiday that people worldwide enjoy with their families. People in Dubai have also been getting ready for this day.

How exciting it would be if you could spend a few hours with your whole family in a great place and have a lot of fun at the same time! A family comprises people from different generations, so it can be hard to find something everyone will like. My experience says that dhow cruises are the best way to make everyone happy in your family. The older people will be able to relax in a calm environment, while the kids will be entertained. You and your kids will find a lot of interesting things to look at when you go on a trip. Everyone likes Arabic coffee with dates, and who doesn’t want to eat good food? Book a private show for your family and have a unique Family Day. There can’t be a better place where your whole family can enjoy it. Dhow cruises are the best way to mix Dubai’s old and new ways of life. So both young people and older people enjoy a Dubai dhow cruise.

Unforgettable Experience

Visit your favourite place in the world and do as much as possible. Memories are made up of more than just seeing the best parts of a place. They should also include experiencing the unique activities that the place offers during your stay or vacation. As an adventurous person, you will be excited to try out some of your destination’s best things when you go on a trip.

If you happen to be in a place that has a dhow boat, you should go on one. You can have a great meal in the traditional wooden dhow available. You can enjoy an international buffet and fine entertainment as you enjoy the steady, smooth movement of the dhow as you eat. If you like to take a cruise in a stunning location, the service providers will treat you like a VIP. Your cruise can be fun under the twinkling stars and on the well-lit dhow.

The best thing about a dhow ship is that it still gives you a chance to see the area you’re visiting from elegant double-decked boats. These comfortable and elegant boats are a great way to see a lot of different things. You’ll love the romantic backdrop and skyline they make. Taking a dhow cruise is very popular, so you’ll need to plan carefully to get the best seats and not miss the cruise.

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