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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments


If you’re wondering how to get relief from erectile dysfunction, there are many different treatment options available. A doctor will perform basic health checks and examine your prostate and genitals. If your doctor suspects you have erectile dysfunction, your doctor can prescribe an over-the-counter drug called sildenafil, commonly known as Viagra. This medication can be bought at a pharmacy and no longer requires a prescription.

Exercise reduces erectile dysfunction

Men who exercise regularly report improved erectile function. In general, the benefits of exercise extend to men with cardiovascular risk factors and men who have undergone prostatectomy. For best results, exercise should be performed at a moderate to vigorous intensity. Listed below are some of the most common exercises for erectile dysfunction. And don’t forget to include cardio exercise to improve cardiovascular health. You will feel better after exercise so do not let a lack of exercise prevent you from engaging in sexual activity.

Physical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are the main culprits of erectile dysfunction. Exercise reduces these risk factors by reducing the amount of force required by the heart to pump blood to the penis. High blood pressure can damage arteries and lead to cardiovascular problems. It’s best to keep your blood pressure under 140/90 mm Hg.


If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, you may have been prescribed Alprostadil. This prescription Fildena double medicine drug works by relaxing the smooth muscle of blood vessels. Doing this opens up blockages and increases blood flow. It is effective for a wide range of conditions, including erectile dysfunction. The drug is administered as a suppository, which is inserted into the urethra and dissolves in the body.

In the case of men who have ED, the doctor may prescribe Alprostadil after a number of other treatment options have failed. It is a synthetic version of the prostaglandin E1 hormone found naturally in the human body. It works as a vasodilator, enhancing blood flow to the penis and resulting in an erection within 30 minutes to 2 hours. The drug is available only by prescription from a registered GP.

Penile implants

The success rate of penile implants for erectile dysfunction is high. Most men who undergo the surgery are satisfied with the results. Men shall understand the risks of the procedure and its benefits of it. Before you choose penile implants consult a doctor. These procedures are not covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans. You may need to self-finance the procedure if your insurance coverage does not cover it.

The surgery is typically performed at stage two or three of a multi-stage phalloplasty procedure. After this patients can resume sexual activity after consulting with their physician.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy is an option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions. These sessions increase sexual stimulation and help men achieve and maintain an erection.

The GP may recommend a psychological evaluation. There are many possible causes of ED, including psychological and physical stress. Some men blame their partner for their lack of interest or performance in bed. Other men blame their partner for their inability to have an erection or do not think their partner is interested in them. Fildena 120 mg online is useful for reducing Erectile dysfunction.


Performing moderate aerobic exercises is an effective way to improve erections. Men with erectile dysfunction often have problems with blood delivery to the penis, which may be a contributing factor to this condition. To make exercise for erectile dysfunction more effective, follow these steps. The list below is some exercises to get you to start.

If you’re unable to achieve an erection, pelvic floor exercises may be the solution you’re looking for. Kegel exercises work the pelvic floor muscles, which improve sexual performance and fight erectile dysfunction. These exercises involve flexing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles.

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