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How To Construct A Patios Wooden Deck 

A patios wooden deck may be a beautiful and useful addition to any landscape. It may aid any current garden décor and furnishings you may already have, in addition to being gorgeous. Since they can be constructed practically anyplace, they may provide you with more outdoor living areas. You have a wide range of alternatives, such as erecting them on more than one level or including a railing or a pergola. It’s possible that some of us bought our houses with a patios wooden deck already built in. However, the majority of us would take up the task as a fun but doable DIY project.  

So, how exactly do we begin the Plan?


So, how exactly do we begin the Plan?

Check to see whether your new project needs planning clearance before moving further. This won’t happen unless you live in or next to a listed building, but it’s essential to be cautious all the same. The size, levels, and features of the uteplatser trädäck may then be planned.


Set up the area

Make sure the surface is level and has a drainage system to direct water away from the home. After that, spread weed barrier fabric over the surface, equally weighting it down with pebbles or stones. Next, use anchor bolts to fasten a wall plate to the house’s foundation wall. Keep in mind the contour and slope of the outdoor decking during installation as this board is used to secure the patio wooden deck floor to the next home.

Build the foundation.


Build the foundation.

A simple structure, often made of 50 x 100 treated wood, may be set directly into a firm, level surface. The posts must first be set if it is to be raised. To firmly put your four treated 100 x 100mm hardwood posts in place, dig four footings and use concrete. As you build the patio’s the outside perimeter, you may then fasten your joists to the 100 x 100 mm posts’ exteriors. Following the installation of joist hangers at 400mm intervals along these timbers, cross members should be fastened using galvanized nails while staying flat and parallel to the exterior borders.

Build the deck.

Build the deck.

Patios’ wooden deck decking should be installed perpendicular to the joists that support it. Remember that even treated wood may expand in wet weather, so give the boards a 3mm gap. You may use a line level to check that your outdoor decking slopes sufficiently to encourage adequate drainage; 10mm per meter is generally regarded as the optimal requirement. Following that, you may secure your trim boards to the decking’s edge. To finalize the appearance, neatly trim off any excess from the previous step and join your boards so that they are flat with one another. The next step is to apply your selected wood stain or varnish to offer the finest protection and aesthetic finish for your new patio wooden deck.


“Should I build a patio or a deck?” Every homeowner must consider this challenging topic while choosing between two deserving outside places. A trallgolv utomhus area that is exposed to the air and might be a platform or porch that extends from a house. A patio, on the other hand, is a paved outdoor area that is placed directly on the ground and is either adjacent to or separates from a house. Patios and outdoor decking are also great landscaping options. These open-air recreational areas are ideal for socializing and unwinding with loved ones and friends while enjoying the great outdoors.

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