How to fix QuickBooks Error OLSU-1022 or OLSU-1024?

Fix QuickBooks Error OLSU-1022 or OLSU-1024

QuickBooks bank feed error OLSU 1024 or OLSU 1022 is seen when the user tries to create an online bank account in QuickBooks. This error appears on the screen with an error message that states “An error occurred while updating the branding files! Please restart the online banking setup wizard to initiate the update process again”. There can be various factors causing QuickBooks Error Olsu-1024 or Olsu-1022 which we will be discussing later in this post.

Thus, make sure to read the post till the end. Or the user can also contact our team, and we will ensure to provide the best possible support services. 

Why You Get QuickBooks OLSU-1024 And OLSU-10?

The bank information is probably not updated in the Financial Institution Directory, or the directory is not stored in the location where it should be. These are the reasons the error may appear. QuickBooks Mac Support provides details on resolving this error on Apple notebooks. In other words, you have to take the action against it to fix the issue.

Important Things To Check Before Implementing Solutions

The scenarios are as follows:-

  1. When you are connected to the internet or not
    1. If you are not connected to the internet then make sure that you connect with an active and working internet connection that helps you to download the transactions, send emails, etc.
    2. If you are connected to the Internet connection then verify the firewall and internet security settings.
  2. You have the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop or not
    1. If you have the latest release then you can continue with the solution
    2. But if you don’t have the latest release then first update your QuickBooks to the latest release.
  3. You downloaded the transactions from the bank to your QuickBooks company file or not
    1. If you have download bank transaction into QuickBooks account then it is ok to continue further
    2. If you have not downloaded bank transactions into your QuickBooks account then connect to your bank to verify the information. After that also make sure that the bank is not facing any outages.
  4. Does your QuickBooks account allow you to log into your account outside of QuickBooks software like a website?
    1. If yes, then everything is ok and you can move forward
    2. If not, then contact your bank to verify your account information.
  5. Do results tally with Classic Register View?
    1. If yes, then the users have to continue with the solution steps. You must note that the register mode can be more forgiving in context to the OFX formatting standards banks are required to use for statement import or download.
    2. For the testing purpose, the user has to switch to the register mode that is classic mode, and then import or download it again. You have to go to the Edit menu then select the Preferences option. Further, choose Checking from the left pane. Click on the Company Preferences tab and under the Bank Feeds section choose Classic Register View.

What causes OLSU 1024 or OLSU 1022 in QuickBooks?

The user can end up in such an error due to the following reasons:

  • One of the basic reasons can be if there is any kind of issue with the internet connection
  • Or if there is issue with one or more accounts in the company file
  • In case there is issue with the download or import format
  • The user can also face similar issue if one or more company files are having issue
  • Or if the user is using a discounted version of QuickBooks, then such an error can be seen

Factors leading to QuickBooks Banking errors OLSU-1024 or OLSU-1022

There can be a few factors due to which the banking issues can appear on your screen. One of the major causes can be an unstable internet connection. There can be other causes as well, which we have tried to list below:

  • Many times, issues at the bank or the financial institution can hinder the process. For example: server down, bank changed the name which requires updating it in the QuickBooks, also in case you are having an inactive bank account set up for online banking.
  • Any kind of issue with the internet connection.
  • If the error occurs with one or more accounts in the company file.
  • Issue with the download or import format.
  • Any kind of issues with the financial institutions which includes:
    • Certain critical alerts that are not being acknowledged after logging into online banking directly on the website
    • The financial institution has made changes in the service offerings, web connect, or direct connect
    • In case the bank’s website is having certain issues
  • In case one or more company files are having issues.
  • If you are using a discontinued version of QuickBooks.

Steps to fix the QuickBooks Bank Feed Error OLSU-1024 Or OLSU-1022

The user can try performing the below steps to update the QuickBooks software to the latest release and get rid of the OLSU bank feed error.


  • The very first step is to close the company file and QuickBooks
  • After that open up the windows start menu
  • The user should then look for the QuickBooks software and then right click the icon and also click on run as admin option
  • After that from the no company open screen, the user should move to the help menu and also select update QuickBooks desktop
  • Once done with that, the user should select the options tab and also select the mark all and save tabs
  • At the end, the user should move to the update now tab and also choose reset update checkbox


  • Lastly, choose get updates

At the end of this post, we believe that the reader might be able to deal with QuickBooks bank feed error OLSU 1024 or 1022. But if in case the user isn’t able to deal with the issue, or if the user needs any of our assistance, then contacting our 24/7 QuickBooks pro support team at 1-844-405-0906 would work.

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