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How to resolve QuickBooks Error 108?

The users of QuickBooks accounting software have access to various tools and features for managing their accounts and other business functions. Many codes and algorithms are used in this accounting software, which increases the risk of errors and other problems. These can be experienced when using QuickBooks Online to manage their bank account.


Technical problems or errors at the banking end may be to blame for the mistakes. It frequently happens for QuickBooks customers to experience technical difficulties and need help from a technician to fix them. 108 is one such banking error. This post may help you resolve this error if you are also experiencing it.

How to Identify the QB Error 108?

Make a list of every symptom that may show up so that you can detect the error, such as:

  • The first sign may be the appearance of error messages on the screen.
  • The user’s ability to operate on QuickBooks may be the following symptom.
  • The QuickBooks application window may also fail.
  • Also, in case the PC starts to lag.

What Leads to QuickBooks Error 108?

  • In the case that the bank sends out a notification that calls for the user to take action.
  • Or in the case that an invalid username or password is the cause of a login issue with a bank account.
  • If the user is unable to connect to the bank server without difficulty, that may also be the cause.
  • This error could be caused by a variety of server-related problems at the bank.
  • Lastly, if the user has installed multiple QuickBooks versions.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 108

After investigating the reasons and symptoms, it is time to understand the quick fixes for Error 108. Let’s examine each technique in turn:

Solution 1- Disable the Pop-up blockers

  • The first step is to “log in” to the bank’s or financial institution’s website.
  • The user must now review all of the notifications and messages. The pop-up blocker may be to blame if the user is unable to read the messages. As a result, the user must disable it before checking the messages.
  • The next step is to either act on or ignore the messages.
  • After completing the above steps, the user must “access QuickBooks Online.”
  • After that, the user should choose the ‘Banking’ option from the menu on the left.
  • On the Banking page, the user must now tap “Update.”
  • The user should also see if Error 108 QuickBooks is showing up.

Solution 2: Examining the Configuration settings

  • The user must initially login as an administrator on the computer.
  • The user must make sure that QuickBooks is up to date and that they are utilizing the most recent version.
  • Checking the Firewall settings to make sure they do not prevent access to the QuickBooks company file is the next step.
  • The user must now review the internet security settings before continuing.

Winding up

The five methods mentioned above can be applied to get rid of the QuickBooks Error code 108. Any of the approaches might be used by the QuickBooks user to fix the issue. However, you can speak with our QuickBooks error help technical professionals if a problem emerges or if the user is unable to resolve the error even after trying the aforementioned fixes.



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