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Hublot presents the ANTIKYTHERA SUNMOON watch

Hublot presents the ANTIKYTHERA SUNMOON watch

Hublot presents the ANTIKYTHERA SUNMOON watch

One year after the entry of the “Homage to the Antikythera Machine”

movement in the Archaeological Museum of Athens,

Hublot presents the “Antikythera SunMoon”,

a watch that provides,

with great precision, indications relating to the sun and the moon.

The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious objects

in the history of civilizations.

Discovered in Greek waters in 1901,

it dates back to the second century before our era (between 150 and 100 BC approximately) and is probably mankind’s first astronomical calculator.

It was April 5, 2012, when, in the prestigious National Museum of Athens,

in the presence of the Greek Minister of Culture, the original remains of the ship, the treasure and the remains of the Antikythera Mechanism were brought together for the first time in an exhibition. An event that aroused the interest of the international archaeological and scientific community. Among the objects on display there was also the “Homage to the Antikythera Machine” clock, a complex watch movement developed by Hublot as a tribute to mankind’s first astronomical calculator, probably dating back to the second century BC. It was the first time that a watch manufacturer entered an archaeological

There are only 4 movements produced by Hublot as an exact miniaturized replica of the original mechanism:

the first is exhibited in Paris,

at the Musée des Arts et Métiers,

the second is in Athens, at the National Museum,

the third is kept at Hublot as a tribute to the work. carried out by its engineers and watchmakers and, finally, the fourth is destined to be sold during an exceptional auction to be held in replica watches

Today, on the occasion of the 2013 Basel Motor Show, Hublot presents a watch called “Antikythera SunMoon”, an exceptional series of 20 pieces that pays homage to this masterpiece of antiquity, miniaturizing and simplifying the original mechanism.fake hublot

The result presented today is a 295-component movement with 7 complications (compared to the 495 components and 14 functions of the Hublot caliber on display at the Athens Museum). It only presents indications relating to the moon and the sun. All indications are on the dial side.

The Antikythera SunMoon is a solar calendar

and a lunar calendar and also indicates the sidereal position of the sun and moon. This means that in addition to the hour (hours and minutes), this watch indicates, for a given day and in an extremely precise way, the age of the moon, more precisely its shape in the sky, the name of the constellation that lies behind the moon and the time it will take the moon to travel through a constellation. And, for the same day, which constellation is behind the sun and how long it will cross a constellation. The whole is completed by a flying tourbillon (without ball bearing) that rotates one revolution per minute and therefore indicates the seconds, information that is added to the hour and minute indication obtained by traditional hands in the center of the movement, on the dial side. Frequency 21,600 altern./hour (3Hz). 120-hour power reserve.

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