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Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 ICS Dumps

If you are going to take the 700-150 Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS) exam for the first time, PassQuestion’s newly updated Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 ICS Dumps can help you with your best preparation. The real and reliable Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 ICS Dumps will enable you to get through your Cisco 700-150 exam in just your first attempt without any problem. Our Cisco 700-150 questions and answers cover all the topics to let you know how to attempt the real Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150  exam properly. The only thing you have to do is to learn all the Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 ICS Dumps multiple times and take your 700-150 exam confidently.

Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 Exam

Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 Exam which is related to Cisco Advanced Security Networks Architecture Specialization Certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills needed by an account manager to successfully sell Cisco technology services and solutions. This exam validates and measures the knowledge and skills of the Candidate against the Account Manager, Sales Methodology, and Customer Engagement. Advanced Security Architecture for Account Managers usually holds or pursues this certification and you can expect the same job role after completion of this certification.

Who should take the 700-150 exam

The Cisco Advanced Security Networks Architecture Specialization certification is an internationally-recognized validation that identifies persons who earn it as possessing skills in Cisco Advanced Security Networks Architecture Specialization Certification. If a candidate wants significant improvement in career growth or needs enhanced knowledge, skills, and talents. The Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 Exam provides proof of this advanced knowledge and skill. If a candidate has knowledge of associated technologies and skills that are required to pass the Cisco 700-150 Exam then he should take this exam.

Exam Information

Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
Length of Examination: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 55-65
Passing Score: 70%
Cost: $150 USD
Available languages: English, Japanese
Associate certification: Sales Expert

Exam Topics

1.0 Cisco Certification   10%
2.0 Selling Collaboration Solutions   16%
3.0 Selling Security Solutions   18%
4.0 Selling Cisco’s Enterprise and Digital Network  22%
5.0 Selling Cisco’s DC and Cloud Architecture  18%
6.0 Cisco’s Approach to Selling  16%

View Online Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 Sample Questions

Which of the following provides 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications using intent-based networking?
A. Cisco Unified Computing System
B. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
C. Cisco Meraki
D. Cisco DNA
Answer: D

Which Cisco network administration product enables the creation and enforcement of security and access policies for a company’s connected endpoint devices?
A. Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise
B. Cisco TrustSec
C. Cisco Platform Exchange Grid
D. Cisco Identity Services Engine
Answer: D

Which two solutions does Cisco offer after an attack?
A. email and web security solutions
B. firewalls and next-generation firewalls
C. advanced malware protection and network behavior analysis
D. networks access control and identity services
Answer: CD

Which is the management component in Cisco’s intent-based networking solution?
A. UCS Director
B. UCS Central
C. Cloud Center
D. DNA Center
Answer: D

Which phrase best describes the Cisco DX series?
A. a mobile endpoint solution designed to connect teams at any time, in any place
B. a service solution that offers business messaging, calling, and persistent meeting spaces
C. an all-in-one desktop collaboration device with an intuitive touchscreen
D. a flexible and scalable platform for video-conferencing rooms
Answer: C

Which is a feature of the Cisco DX Series?
A. accessible from any browser
B. dual screen options
C. intuitive touchscreen
D. real-time private and group chat
Answer: C

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