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Promote Your Blog On Instagram – Simple Tips & Tricks

Instagram Blog


Attention bloggers: Instagram may be a powerful promotional tool. Using articles, videos, and Instagram Stories on the visual platform can attract interested readers to your site.

It can be difficult for a new blogger to identify the optimal combination of strategies and resources to expand their site and increase their readership.

Therefore, we have compiled a few simple tips demonstrating how you may effectively market your blog using Instagram. In a little time, you’ll be able to convert Instagram users into website visitors by following these easy steps.

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How To Use Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Blog: 5 Proven Strategies


1. Post A Link To Your Blog On Instagram Stories


You may use Instagram Stories to promote your most recent blog article to your audience. There is no sign of Instagram Stories’ popularity waning any time soon; over 70% of users watch them daily. Promoting your blog posts on Instagram Stories is a fantastic strategy to draw in new readers. Additionally, you may gain access to hitherto untapped audiences that will be vital to the development of your site. What you should do is this:

If you saw our Facebook Live with fashion blogger Chloe Alysse, she shared a fantastic trick to draw attention to a new blog post on Instagram Stories using numerous frames.

It’s not a good idea to cram every information about your new blog post into a single Story frame because most users will only see it for a fraction of a second as they tap through your article.

There is a greater chance of interrupting that habitual tapping if you construct three to four slides full of captivating pictures and a story growing through each Frame.

If you succeed, your viewers may go back and start your Story from the beginning by using the “Back” button. Then, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you may direct them to your blog post through the Link in Stories function while the topic is still fresh in their minds.

Use this hashtag to direct people to your most recent blog post by sharing the link in your bio. If you don’t have access to Link in Stories just yet, we have a very nifty workaround for generating traffic from your Stories (and we do.) Simply point your fans in the direction of your


2. Use The Space In Your Bio To Promote Your Most Recent Blog


It’s possible that your audience won’t get why you’re tagging yourself in your Story or what they’re supposed to do after seeing this, so be sure to explain it!

Without the swipe-up functionality, you can still use Instagram Stories to promote your blog posts in the following ways:

Use Instagram Stories to create a compelling advertisement for your blog article (use as many frames as you need to pique your audience’s attention, curiosity, and want to learn more!)

The @Mention sticker, including your username, should be added to your final Frame.

Create an effective CTA by typing it in the Text overlay function. Put an arrow from your CTA to the sticker where you’ve marked yourself.


3. Build Relationships With Other Bloggers To Increase Traffic And Exposure


It’s easy to get caught up in what you can do while learning to use Instagram to market your blog and forget about what others can do for you. Expanding your network of contacts within your specialty can help your material reach others interested in reading it.


4. Utilize These Simple Strategies To Include Networking Into Your Overall Blog Marketing Plan:


Do some digging to find accounts, influencers, brands, and enterprises that fit your interests, industry, and blog subjects.

Engage with and promote these pages as you want to be promoted; this includes commenting, liking, and resharing content. Put yourself out there and see if any partnerships, features, or collaborations can be arranged.


5. Promote Your Blog Posts With Jaw-Dropping Visuals On Instagram


Inevitably, the quality of your Instagram posts will determine how much attention you receive from new followers. Because of Instagram’s visual nature, the quality of the photo or video you post may make or break your efforts to increase followers, engagement, or website visits.

Consider that unless your Instagram post always appears at the very top of your followers’ feeds, they may have to scroll down for a while before they see it.

To get followers, you must tell them a story they can’t refuse. What You Just Finished Writing On Your Blog Is Complete.

Your blog article, most likely, relates some sort of tale. Whether you’ve written an article on cooking, style, or health, there’s always a narrative behind the topic that readers can relate to. You’ve changed as a person both before and after learning about this subject. And your blog piece has the potential to do the same for the people who read it.

Giving your Instagram followers a glimpse of the trip and a satisfying payoff will increase the likelihood that they will follow a link to your website.

Your photo or video should be captivating because it will be the first thing viewers see, but ours needs to complement the tale. Your tale’s ” hook ” will pique readers’ interest. It looks like the front of a fairy tale book! Your post’s caption, however, is where the meat of the narrative is hidden.


How To Convert Instagram Likes Into Blog Views


Now that you’ve posted a million Instagram ads for your latest blog, your readers will finally be able to click through to blog. But it is important to get more views and readers to your blog and visit your website for maximum reach and popularity. Instagram stories are such an amazing feature to reach your content to your followers instantly. You can buy automatic Instagram story views, when you want more engagement to all your current and stories you post in future. 

However, a few critical factors to consider while promoting your blog post on Instagram, including the link in the bio and the sort of tool you use.

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