Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 3180 in Point of Sale

QuickBooks Error Code 3180 in POS

In QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Error 3180 is related with every one of the errors that could happen while saving a Sales Receipt. This error status code might happen in light of multiple factors like, when the deals charge thing isn’t related with any merchant or when the deals charge payable record is planned errornly, or when a paid out is made by utilizing a deals charge payable record or it very well may be likewise due to choosing the deals charge payable record for more than one thing on receipt as the objective record.

What is Error Code 3180 in QuickBooks?

Error code 3180 in QuickBooks POS is a series 3000 error. These errors are worried about monetary trades between the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sales application and the QuickBooks Desktop application. It might show up with various error messages.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 3180?

The following are a portion of the reasons of QuickBooks error code 3180:

  • The deals charge thing in QuickBooks Desktop isn’t connected to any of the sellers.
  • The record planning of deals charge payable record might be errorn
  • By utilizing the deal charge payable record, a paid out was made.
  • It tends to be on the grounds that utilizing the deals charge payable record as the objective record for at least one things on receipts.QuickBooks Error Code 3180

Side effects of QuickBooks error 3180

  • Your framework answers drowsily to the data sources given by the mouse or console.
  • You can’t save the deals receipts.
  • QuickBooks will close down suddenly.
  • The QuickBooks error 3180 will be shown on your screen.

Instructions to Fix QuickBooks Error 3180 (Different Scenarios with Solution)

As expressed over, this error status code 3180 may happen because of different reasons; a bit by bit answer for change the arrangement and keep this error from arising again is given beneath.

1: Select Sales History from the Point of Sale’s landing page.

2: Find the new receipt marked as Payout, from the receipt type segment.

3: Choose Reverse from the ‘I need to… ‘Drop-down menu.

4: Now make the Paid Out again utilizing various records other than A/P or A/R.

Investigating steps of QuickBooks error code 3180

Figure out how to fix 3180 status code error in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale:

Solution 1: Merge things in QuickBooks

  • The main thing to do is open QuickBooks work area.
  • Then go to List followed by Item
  • Presently select to incorporate Inactive
  • To sort the rundown, you need to pick the Type header
  • Presently you need to rename the Point of Sale things
  • Right snap on the installment thing that starts with the Point of Sale
  • Select Edit Items
  • To the thing name add OLD and pick OK.
  • Presently from your Point of Sale run the monetary trade
  • Combine the copy things in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Presently right snap on the installment with OLD
  • Presently select the Edit Item
  • Eliminate Old
  • Presently click alright and to affirm tap on Yes.

Solution 2: Ensure you allot the seller to the deals charge thing

  • First and foremost, you need to open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Presently go to List
  • After that go to the thing
  • Presently select Include Inactive
  • To sort the rundown you need to pick the Type Column
  • Presently guarantee that all deals charge things have an organization connected to it.

Solution 3: Choose your Tax inclination

  • Right off the bat, open QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Presently go to File and afterward select Preferences
  • After that you need to pick Company and hit a tick on Accounts under Financial.
  • Presently tick the Basic and Advanced tabs
  • Likewise hit a tick on make Sales Tax Payable in the deals charge column. In the event that it isn’t then transform it and run monetary trade.

Solution 4: Ensure that you have not paid out the issue receipt utilizing deals charge payable

  • First and foremost, open QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Presently you need to pick Sales History
  • After that right snap on any segments
  • Once finished, pick Customize Columns
  • Do guarantee to pick QuickBooks Status
  • Presently look for the receipts that are not finished at this point
  • Presently pick the receipts on the off chance that any of the receipts are paid out to the deals charge payable
  • After that snap on Reverse Receipt
  • Utilizing a non-deals charge payable record reproduce the paid out.
  • Finally run the monetary trade.

QuickBooks gives client-driven answers for all the bookkeeping-related business processes. The high-level extra apparatus, QuickBooks POS, is worked for retail organizations. Contactless installment getting choices, high-level stock administration, and consistent online business reconciliation are a few significant attractions of this application. While it offers these extraordinary highlights, it isn’t liberated from errors. You can get QuickBooks Status code 3180 error while dealing with QuickBooks Desktop, Payroll, or POS. Through this article, we will attempt to examine the different reasons that can cause the error and furthermore the material investigating strategies.


Through this article, we examined QuickBooks status code 3180 and made sense of you the reasons causing the error as well as its techniques for goal. You ought to follow the means gave above to determine the error effectively on the off chance that it happens.

QuickBooks gives client-driven deals with all the accounting-related business processes. The general additional instrument, QuickBooks Error 3180, QuickBooks POS, is worked for retail associations. You should follow the means given above to decide the error successfully in case it works out. Expecting you are engaging and you truly believe help from an expert should discard it, then, QuickBooks Technical Support at 1-347-967-4079.

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