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Sinovac COVID-19 vaccinations for kids at Qualitas clinics

Qualitas clinics across Malaysia are administering COVID-19 vaccinations shots to children aged 5-11 years old under QIP Kidz – Qualitas Immunisation Programme for Kids. We have private vaccinations with the Sinovac vaccine. Starting 7 March 2022, the Sinovac vaccinations for children are RM190 for 2 doses at participating Qualitas clinics.

All children in Malaysia are eligible for vaccination, including foreigners, refugees and the homeless. The Sinovac vaccination is administered in 2 doses 28 days apart for children.

Scroll down to find your nearest clinic and make an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

The easiest and quickest way is to call or WhatsApp one of our Vaccination Hotline numbers to make an appointment:

012-500 7964 or 019-878 7964

Provide this information:

  • Name of child
  • Your phone number
  • Preferred location
  • Date
  • Time
  • No of Pax

You may also book an appointment online through our Patient Portal app. You just have to register with your phone number and you will be able to book a clinic appointment. The app also gives you access to your patient records and the records of anyone under your care.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS.

Before the vaccination

The Ministry of Health recommends that you DO NOT give your child an analgesic – Panadol or Ibuprofen – before their vaccination.

Bring with you these items:

  • The child’s identity card or passport
  • MySejahtera app on your phone
  • Face masks for your child and yourself
  • Drinking water
  • Something to entertain your child and yourself – a book, music, headphones, etc.

Immediately after the vaccination

Once the vaccination has been administered, the clinic will upload your child’s details to MySejahtera’s system. Your child’s MySejahtera (or your MySejahtera, if your child is registered as a dependent) will be updated. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to 14 days.

The nurse will ask you and your child to stay in the clinic for about 10 or 15 mins for observation, just in case your child feels a little ill. Generally, there have been no reported adverse side effects of the Sinovac vaccine for children. However, each person is different so it is still important that you observe your child after the vaccination and ask them how they are feeling.

Your child may tell you that they feel a little sick or ‘like they are catching a cold’. This is normal and it’s a sign that the vaccine is starting its work in the body. If they have a mild fever, headache or body aches, give them an analgesic such as Panadol or Ibuprofen according to the recommended dose for their age and weight.

If your child’s symptoms persist or get worse, contact your doctor immediately.

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