What Does Stock Broker Do?


After gaining knowledge of stocks and shares and deciding to invest in financial instruments. Many people wonder how to invest in financial instruments or assets as they face difficulties because they have zero knowledge from the investment point of view. Here, a stockbroker is one who helps you at each and every step in the trading process.

What is a StockBroker? 

A stockbroker is a professional advisor who assists clients in trading for buying and selling stocks, certificates of deposits (CFD’s), securities, and commodities. The main aim of a stockbroker is to develop a strong clientele, and in this way, the stockbroker earns money.


Stockbrokers work with a licensed firm or also on an individual basis and it will depend on what type of broker he is. He is the one who handles all the trading-related transactions (buy, sell, exchange) of the stocks of institutional and individual clients.


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What Are The Roles Of Stockbrokers? 

Stockbrokers deal with their clients directly and manage their wealth portfolios. They work with existing clients and develop new businesses. 

The best part is that the stockbrokers have the full authority to deal with or communicate with their clients directly. Mostly they work with existing clients and develop new contacts as well to grow businesses. 

  • They have to update themselves with the latest tax and financial regulations.

  • Must be experts in market research and analysis. 

  • monitor stock market, stock prices and bids of bonds or securities

  • Evaluate the client’s financial situation and develop an investment strategy accordingly

  • Manage, sell and purchase stock on behalf of clients. 

  • Keep reminding investors to complete the financial transaction and maintain accounting records. 

  • Keep an eye on current market rates of financial instruments. 


The stockbroker’s major role is to focus on the client’s requirements and give them suggestions for financial investments according to their requirements.


Brokers must always be honest and provide truthful information to their clients, including risks. Exaggerating and misleading information develops a negative impact on the client’s mind. Stockbrokers must have the ability to manage good relationships with clients and offers them financial services, and it is possible only through cold calling and networking.  

How Much Qualification Is Actually Needed For A Stock Broker?

Stock brokers are doing in the market globally, and this, in particular, raises the question as to how much education qualification is needed to become a stockbroker. Well, if one goes by the statistics, there are around 76% of stock brokers possess bachelor’s degrees while only 9 % have a higher degree. This brings us to the conclusion that a stock conclusion only needs some right amount of qualification i.e. high school or bachelor’s grades, to become a valuable stock broker professional.



StockBrokers play a vital role in the investment process most people want to earn some extra money as a side source of income apart from a full-time job. Investment in stocks or indices is the better option for passive income, but the problem is that people don’t know about the stocks or shares, so they need a stockbroker. 

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