What Makes it the Best AMC MCQ Question Bank for IMGs?

Taking AMC computer adaptive test is a critical initial (CAT) step toward obtaining your medical license in Australia. This is indeed an MCQ exam with 150 research questions, 120 of which are assessed. Every statement is scored in a quiet manner that candidates can get from Zero to 500 points scored on the exam, with a tally of 250 or more required to qualify. The AMC exam question bank is perhaps the finest approach to understanding and taking the exams on the very first attempt.

The Most Comprehensive Question Bank

Most of today’s AMC CAT sample libraries are minimal. Therefore implying they do not even include enough problems to genuinely assist you in your studies. The AMC CAT sample collection from CanadaQBank has over 3300 MCQs, which is far more than 22 times the size of the research question here on real tests.  With that kind of a broad collection, you can indeed be confident that CanadaQBank will assist you in covering. The whole range of information so you’ll be adequately equipped on test time.

Layout, composition, and precision of the highest caliber

Some other key factor to take into account while selecting the top AMC CAT set of questions seems to be the genuine content of the problems. If there are any spelling or grammar mistakes that might complicate things?

Are really the statements structured in such a manner that allows you to grasp precisely what is really being started asking? Were they structured in such a way that they correctly mirror the AMC exam question bank? These would be the factors considered by CanadaQBank while introducing additional questions to its libraries. Every question is also prepared or evaluated by a qualified doctor, which is critical for authenticity.

There are several educational possibilities

Today’s modern AMC MCQ question bank provides only one learning method mock examination format. This basically implies that the program or service will construct a mock test for you autonomously. There seem to be limited, whether any, personalization possibilities, although the program may display the sections you got wrong, this might not display the right answers.

It really is unlikely to learn why the offered solution is accurate if something does tell you the right solution. It is another aspect in which CanadaQBank differs. You would not only choose which sections you skipped, but you’ll still receive a full clarification. Students could also select between scheduled and tutorial settings as needed. Scheduled options are similar to mock tests, but tutorial modes allow you to select how and what you practice.

Subscriptions are reasonably priced

Lastly, if you’re still not convinced that CanadaQBank’s AMC exam question bank is superior to everyone else, consider the price. The majority of today’s modern question banks charge high fees. These are one-time expenditures of a few hundred bucks which are simply out of reach for the number of medical graduates’ wallets. In contrast, the subscription cost is quite low, making it excellent for med students on a limited budget.


You just spend for what you choose with CanadaQBank. You do not have to purchase the complete platform; rather, you spend a penny membership cost to gain accessibility to the AMC MCQ question bank as often as you like. Anyone can close the account once they have met the requirements.

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