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What Material Is Best For Enamel Pins 2023

As you know, there are different types of enamel pins like soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, die-struck pins, and 3D mold pins. The different types of materials for your enamel pins will determine the whole look of the pin.  The main types of enamel pins are custom hard enamel pins and custom soft enamel pins

What Material Is Best For Enamel Pins You Should Need To Know

enamel pins

  • Shiny gunmetal 

Shiny gunmetal material has a metallic dark gray look and finish that gives a very appealing and rustic look to the enamel pin. 

  • Shiny gold 

The enamel pin with shiny gold metal has a beautiful polished look and finish that look very appealing and attractive. 

  • Shiny silver 

Shiny silver gives a classic look to the enamel pin that makes the whole look of the pin beautiful and eye-catching. This is the most like metal for enamel pins. 

  • Shiny nickel 

Shiny nickel gives a shiny silver color finish to the enamel pin that makes the pin look extra appealing and lovely. 

  • Antique Silver 

The enamel pin’s classic good looks are enhanced by the antique silver’s worn appearance.

  • Antique gold 

Antique gold gives a classy gold finish to the enamel pin and makes it look regal and elegant. This is one of the most like metals for enamel pins. 

  • Black paint 

Customers want a matte black finish, and black paint provides the enamel pin that looks.

  • Shiny rose gold 

Enamel pins can be finished with a gleaming rose metal to mimic a gold sheen, creating a sleek and appealing product.

  • Antique brass 

Antique brass gives an antique look to the enamel pin with a classic finish and polish.

  • Antique nickel 

Antique nickel gives an antique look to the enamel pin with a classic finish and polish.

  • Shiny brass 

Shiny brass is an ideal choice to have an elegant and appealing look that gives an amazing shine to the enamel pins. 

  • Antique Copper 

Antique copper is an ideal choice to have an elegant and appealing look that gives an amazing shine to the enamel pins.

Enamel Pins

enmael pins

Enamel pins are badges or metal pins worn on clothing items and apparel. The pin can be attached to the lapels of any jacket, backpack, jeans, bag, or another clothing piece. There are several enamel pins that you can style in different ways with different types of materials for your enamel pins.  

The two main types of enamel pins are hard and soft enamel pins. Here is some exciting information about these two:

Custom Hard Enamel Pins 

Hard enamel pins have an even and smooth surface. Hard enamel pins are also manufactured with stamped metal or die-struck metal like soft enamel pins. The different thing in creating hard enamel pins is that it covers all the metal ridges when the enamel layer is applied. 

After applying enamel ton, the pins are polished to make them smooth and shiny. Polishing also created an even two-dimensional appearance.

Soft Enamel Pins 

soft enamel pins

Like other personalized pins, soft enamel pins can be customized or personalized. Pins made of soft enamel have a textured appearance and a three-dimensional feel. These types of pins are manufactured using stamped metal or die-struck metal. These metals provide the enamel pin with the desired look. 

A thin layer of enamel is applied over the pin after it is struck. The result is a pin with grooves and raised edges in its design.

Uses Of Enamel Pins 

Enamel pins are very versatile, and they can be utilized in multiple following ways:

  • Enamel pins fulfill a great decoration purpose. 
  • They are a great way of showing association with an organization or cause. 
  • They are worn as a symbol of some achievement. 
  • They are worn to showcase your interests and hobbies. 
  • Such pins may be awarded to some employees for their excellent work.
  • Some organization provides enamel pins to motivate their employees. 

How Are Enamel Pins Created? 

Enamel pins are well-liked for their ability to produce vibrant, clear, and bright colors with a glassy finish that reflects light. Powdered glass is used to make enamel pins, which are then colored, layered, and molded to create attractive enamel pins.

Enamel pins can be utilized to indicate your political, business, and religious association. But in this new and more advanced century, the purpose of enamel has changed in some way or another. Now enamel pins are totally fun, crazy, and informal to style your backpack, jacket, jeans, or any other clothing in a more cool and intriguing way.

Design & Production OF Enamel Pins 

The designing and production of enamel pins involve various steps that are as such:

  • The first stage of enamel pin designing involves molding the metal surface used to create a specific design.
  • The second stage involves the cutting of the mold. 
  • The next stage is about the plating and attachment. 
  • After the plating is complete, the metal surface is polished to achieve the desired level of smoothness and radiance.


Enamel pins are manufactured with different metals and various enamel paints. There are different types of materials for your enamel pins available in the market. 

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