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Why Companies Choose Paper-Based Packaging In Both Retail & Ecommerce

Your product’s packaging, including the material, the design, and the method of opening it, conveys information about you and your business. Paper-based packaging is finally taking the place of the wasteful, single-use plastic packaging of the early 20th century. Why, therefore, the switch to paper? Indeed, there are several advantages to paper-based packaging that its rivals just cannot match.

Reasons for choosing paper-based packaging in retail

Benefits of paper packaging that make companies choose paper-based packaging.

  • Reusable, recyclable, & sustainable

Paper-based packaging’s reputation as the greenest type of packaging is what most people find appealing about it. Paper-based packaging maintains a cycle of reusability that plastics cannot, as it may be created from recycled paper as well as recycled.

Paper cans packaging suppliers and other paper packaging suppliers have started replacing newly cut trees in fast-growing, highly sustainable forests for paper-based packaging so that harvests won’t impact regional ecology.

Choosing paper-based packaging over plastic is a terrific place to start if we want escort istanbul to establish a healthy relationship between people and their surroundings as a society.

  • Appearance

Consumers seem to prefer the aesthetic of paper-based packaging to plastic, according to studies. The unboxing video fad, when internet celebrities, sometimes known as influencers, show themselves opening packages of goods they have acquired or received as gifts, has never made this more clear. These influencers frequently make comments about the kind of packaging that businesses employ, and paper-based packaging is frequently a favorite. Some businesses even take advantage of the unwrapping process to engage customers in conversation.

  • Customizable

Paper-based packaging may be simply customized, and the majority of images and logos stand out well on the surface! These are also simply and inexpensively replaceable, so you’re not forced to use an old label because of additional costs.

Paper-based packaging may be made in a wider variety of shapes and configurations than plastic. Your options for assembling paper-based packaging are virtually endless.

  • Versatility

Many more different objects may now be delivered and kept in paper-based packaging thanks to specialized treatments and coatings that are now readily accessible. For instance, by utilizing cutting-edge cooling technology and unique coatings inside the packing, chilled and frozen commodities may now be sent in paper. For those who depend on delivery services for access to wholesome food alternatives, this variety has been a game-changer.

  • Affordable

Many paper-based packaging choices are both the most cost-effective and the most environmentally friendly, which is uncommon. The whole supply chain, from the timber producer to the end user, benefits from these reductions.

Reasons to use paper-based packaging in eCommerce 

Your eCommerce packaging decisions will have effects that go well beyond the journey of your consumers. Unboxing is frequently the first in-person connection a new consumer has with an eCommerce company, and that encounter has the potential to have a big, long-lasting impact. For companies to succeed in today’s cutthroat internet marketplace, they must attract new customers and turn them into loyal supporters. Therefore, those in charge of choosing the materials for product packaging must become knowledgeable about them.

The inside packaging of a product is a blank canvas that may (and should) be created to express your brand’s unique story and assist in persuading customers of its worth. Paper-based packaging should be considered since, according to recent worldwide research by IBM and the National Retail Federation, over eight out of ten consumers appreciate sustainability. More creative paper-based packaging options exist now than ever before, and they have the potential to bring with them a wide range of advantages including sustainability, brand perception, and consumer pleasure.

  • Paper is the sustainable choice 

Paper has a very small environmental impact in comparison to other materials. For one thing, paper decomposes far more quickly and is easier to recycle than plastic. Only 9% of all plastic garbage gets recycled, which means the majority is burned, builds up in landfills, or is released into the environment. According to some research, a single-use plastic item may take up to 1,000 years to degrade completely. If present trends continue, it’s predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

The fibers used to make paper, on the other hand, get shorter each time it is recycled, allowing paper goods to be recycled up to six times. Paper is created from a renewable resource since trees are continually growing to replace those used to make paper goods, and it typically takes two to six weeks for the paper to degrade. Paper is so crucial to a circular economy.

By appealing to customers’ increased concern for the environment, brands that limit the quantity of plastic in their supply chains stand to get the additional benefit of promoting a favorable reputation. While making the move from plastic to paper wherever feasible won’t happen overnight, it will help your brand align with consumer and global development.

  • Consumers prefer paper

Modern internet consumers are more aware of and interested in how companies conduct their sustainable business practices, which puts packaging at the top of the list of many considerations when choosing which brands to buy from. According to research by IBM and the National Retail Federation, more than 70% of participants would spend, on average, 35% more on environmentally friendly goods. Additionally, a poll by the Paper and Packaging Board indicated that 78% of customers would be more likely to purchase items if they were wrapped in paper or cardboard rather than other materials since they are more environmentally friendly.

Lack of environmental commitment can turn away customers who are looking for it; in a Hotwire poll, over half of internet users globally said they had stopped using goods and services from a company that went against their own principles. What value ranks first on that list? Maintaining environmental safety. Brands may project an image of environmental friendliness and appeal to the expanding market of environmentally concerned consumers by using sustainable packaging materials like cardboard and paper.

  • Creativity elicits enthusiasm

Colorful and printed tissue paper-based interior packaging solutions offer limitless opportunities to express a brand’s narrative while generating a distinctive and memorable unwrapping experience, in contrast to plastic void fill choices (typically bubble wrap or air pillows). From ultra-minimal designs to detailed patterns bursting with color, expansive custom print capabilities products to your brand’s needs. Just take a look at Custom Print Brochure to see exactly what mean.

These design decisions have a noticeable effect. In fact, research comparing customers’ responses to various void-fill materials revealed that 77% of consumers said they experienced surprise or excitement when they discovered branded tissue paper within their parcels. And 86% indicated that because the item they unboxed was wrapped in branded tissue, their perception of the brand had increased. 76% of research participants said they were more inclined to endorse a company whose products are packaged with tissue paper. These good feelings were felt right away, persisted, and were connected to both the brand and the product.

Positive online evaluations are one of the most beneficial consequences of providing customers with great experiences; this is a huge advantage given that 81% of consumers read reviews before making an online purchase choice.

  • Adaptive, efficient, & Innovative

Fortunately, a variety of paper-based packaging choices with decorative functions also provide protective benefits, increasing operational efficiency in the fulfillment process. An excellent example of this is Seaman Paper’s broad range of multifunctional paper-based goods. For instance, high-quality tissue paper provides a smooth automated void-fill solution. With high-quality tissue paper, marketers can fold two sheets of tissue paper together to create a personalized, branded unpacking experience that also provides protection on par with typical Kraft void fill.

Vela bags provide a strong, transparent, and weather-resistant replacement for the plastic poly bag for clothes companies trying to get rid of single-use plastics.


Paper-based packaging, in all of its varied forms and uses, offers a way for businesses to develop a positive, sustainable reputation that speaks to the values of contemporary customers. Take the next step to find out more about how paper packaging like paper tube suppliers and others can assist you in locating the ideal paper-based packaging solutions. Packaging made of paper that is environmentally friendly, appealing, and reasonably priced can help you advance your manufacturing line. 

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