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5 Myths About Virgin Indian Hair You Probably Didn’t Know

Virgin Indian hair is 100% natural hair that has never undergone chemical processing. It has not undergone any coloring, bleaching, or perming procedures to alter its color or texture. It is the highest-quality type of hair available.

Sometimes virgin Indian hair is sourced from a single donor or several. A handful of the nations from which this hair is sourced are India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, and European.

Here are 5 misconceptions about virgin Indian hair which are not true.

1. You don’t have to take care of it like your natural hair

People mistakenly believe that they may take care of their virgin hair with little effort because it is not growing out of their heads.

Virgin hair is made entirely of human hair and can gather dirt and accumulation.

While you don’t need to wash your virgin hair as frequently as your natural hair, you should shampoo and condition it to maintain the greatest possible condition. 

2. It is challenging to maintain

Due to the previous myth, many individuals think that caring for their bundles requires a lot of effort. Depending on how frequently you wear it, take care of it like you would your actual hair by giving it regular washes.

To avoid excessive shedding, brush your hair from root to tip. The hair’s natural luster and moisture can be preserved by sleeping with a silk or satin hat or scarf.

3. It can not get damaged

Some people mistakenly believe they can repeatedly color, bleach, and perm their extensions without them becoming harmed. The extension will experience dryness, brittleness, breakage, and even split ends, much like your hair. Even straight virgin hair might die from excessive heat.

You will need to purchase additional bundles and perhaps learn from your mistakes if the virgin Indian hair becomes damaged.

When applying heat to the hair, don’t forget to use a heat protectant. To keep your bundles looking their best, limit the amount of dying and bleaching to no more than one or two times.

4. It’s only for Black women

People of all races and ethnic backgrounds wear hair extensions; therefore, it is not just one race that does it.

People frequently believe that ladies wear weaves. When trying to let your hair grow out or experiment with new hairstyles without altering the appearance of your natural hair, virgin Indian hair weaves, and wigs make a great protective style.

5. Women are tricked into giving their hair

Many people think that businesses get virgin hair illegally which is untrue. As for virgin Indian hair, I n a ritual known as tonsure, Indians give their hair to temples in honor of the god Vishnu. This procedure has been performed according to an old Hindu custom for many years. 

They carry out this action as a means of self-purification and debt restitution to the gods. They cut off their hair because hair is a sign of pride in Hinduism.


Now you know that these myths about virgin Indian hair are not true. You can try virgin hair bundles and check for yourself. You will realize that they are worthy of investment.

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