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5 Pros of Using Zoom for Learning the Quran Online

The trend of learning the Quran online is increasing day by day. You need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile for learning the Quran online. Using screen-sharing software like Zoom, your designated tutor contacts you at the scheduled time. He will then share the lesson on your screen.

You can begin any online course from your mobile device or laptop. A personal online tutor replaces the traditional classroom experience.

With hundreds of satisfied students, we can confidently say that our online Quran sessions are a great investment in your spiritual growth. Your child will read the Holy Quran fluently with Tajweed and Arabic accents after our Zoom classes.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing service hosted in the cloud. It is designed for businesses to operate remotely. It provides a variety of services to meet the demands of each organization.

These include audio and video conferencing, chat, and webinars. It supports both mobile and desktop users.

Up to 100 people can join a Zoom Meeting, which is what you get with a standard membership. Zoom Rooms enable it to accommodate greater crowds. These can accommodate up to 500 users. However, it requires a separate subscription.

Learning Quran Online Via Zoom

It’s a blessing that online Quran classes are available around the clock, every day of the week Students may connect with Quran experts from around the world.

Any student can utilize Zoom, which is a free program. Islamic education can benefit from the use of cutting-edge technology. Muslims can greatly benefit from this technology because it saves them time and money.

Here are some advantages of learning the Quran online via Zoom:

1. Simple to Use

You can start Zoom meetings with just a few mouse clicks. It’s also possible to copy and share invite links with other people. For users, it provides a secure and easy-to-understand setup.

2. Face-to-face Learning Environment 

Teachers can use video conferencing to provide students with a face-to-face learning environment. Video call learning is advantageous for learners of all ages, especially for young ones.

3. Free to Use

You are not charged anything for the 40-minute meetings, in spite of the fact that Zoom is a subscription-based platform. If you’re a new or small business searching for a free conferencing service, Zoom is ideal for you.

4. Safe for Girls and Women

Young women and girls can take our online Quran education using Zoom instead of going to actual classes. Women can learn the Quran from female professors online at their own leisure.

5. Fast Medium

With Zoom, you can organize free, on-demand meetings from anywhere. Since it’s so easy for students from all over the world, it’s become a more popular option.

How to Use Zoom for Learning Quran Online

Zoom makes it easy to study the Quran online. Download and install it from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Enter your name and e-mail address to create an account. You will get your Zoom ID.

Students will be invited to a meeting by the instructor. An invitation link will be sent to them. To effectively communicate with professors, you’ll need a fast Internet connection.

The instructor will provide Quranic lessons through a video call. There is a screen-sharing technology that allows the instructor to show books.

Online Quran Learning Course Options

All you need is a Zoom account to take online Quran programs. It relies on an individual’s learning abilities and passion. Everyone is free to make any decision. 

Here are some online Quran courses you can take while living in the United Kingdom:

  • Islamic Studies course
  • Quran Memorization classes
  • Tafseer Quran classes
  • Arabic classes
  • Tajweed Quran classes

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