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7 Gray Hair Paula Young Wigs On Sale For Fall!

Gray Hair Paula Young Wigs

Gray hair color and fall season are considered a match made in hair heaven because the gray tone balances the darker colors of fall. 

But why gray wigs? 

One of the many benefits of wearing a gray wig is finding a color that complements and blends with any skin tone. You can change your look without cutting or coloring your hair- just put on a gray wig. Plus, gray hair never goes out of style!

As the colder months draw nearer, having the extra protection and warmth a wig offers is always welcoming – so get yours from Wig.Com!

If you plan to change your hair’s cut, color,  or style this season, try these 7 gray hair Paula Young wigs on sale for fall!

1. Dance WhisperLite® Paula Young Wigs On Sale 

It’s time to look younger with Paula Youngs’s Dance Whisperlite wig. She is super light, comfortable, and fuss-free! You can wear it without a grip, just throw it on & go! 

The Dance WhisperLite wig looks and feels natural – no one will know you have a wig on when you are out and about. 

She is ideal for a fashionable, on-trend look, thanks to her razor-cut bangs and luscious layers. The extended neck provides more coverage of the nape, making it easier to tuck any stray hairs underneath. 

With this wig, you are sure to receive compliments to warm your fall season.

2. Harlow Paula Young Wigs On Sale

Harlow is very popular among mature women. 

For most of them, it is their go-to wig for daily wear! These Paula Young wigs on sale provide a feminine look that suits a variety of face shapes and complexions. Its low density and silky texture offer you the fullness you need. 

Harlow is a stylish short-hair wig with smooth ends which can be worn with blunt or wispy bangs. The quality of this gray wig and the color’s richness is simply fabulous. This synthetic wig offers a comfortable fit and is the perfect way to spice up your mundane Autumn season.

With a gray Harlow wig, you can wear her right out of the box and be out the door in seconds!

3. Heidi Lace Front Paula Young Wigs On Sale

Heidi’s lace front wig is one of those wigs you will love as soon as you put it on. She is beautiful and lightweight. Heidi wigs have a great casual style and natural density, providing a flattering hairstyle.

Heidi is a long-haired wig with free-flowing beach waves that fall below the shoulder and are packed with beautiful hair texture. She offers a natural hairline and is soft to the touch and feels.

The wig also conforms to the shape of your head without requiring any tape, giving you a secure fit! The monofilament lace front cap in these Paula Young wigs on sale provides freestyle parting and creates the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. 

So, if you are looking for a medium-length gray wig, give Heidi a try!

4. Tessa WhisperLite® Paula Young Wigs on Sale

Tessa WhisperLite® Wig is a gorgeous shoulder-length wig with airy layers of soft, open curls. 

She is a shoulder-length bob with flirty beachy waves that flatter all face shapes.

She is made of ultra-comfortable, baby-fine Kanekalon® WhisperLite® fibers that are so light you won’t even realize you’re wearing her! 

The WhisperLite fibers of these Paula Young wigs on sale look and feel very natural, soft, and baby-fine. There’s plenty of permatease on top for extra volume.

She has that beautiful, modern, sexy style thanks to her airy layers of soft, open curls.

5. Gayle Paula Young wigs on sale

With Gayle Wig by Paula Young®, you can extend curls to new lengths! Thanks to her fuss-free styling, you can quickly modify your looks – perfect for colder weather.

The long layers gently cascade past the shoulders, and soft bangs help frame the face. These Paula Young wigs on sale are made of durable synthetic fibers that are easy to maintain. Thanks to the extended neck, you can tuck any stray hairs underneath and out of sight. 

Gayle wigs by Paula Young are perfect if you want to add volume to your hair. She is a super cute synthetic wig, and the styling options with her are pretty limitless! 

The best part is that your hair will always be perfectly styled, so you’ll never experience another bad hair day!

6. Jenna Paula Young wigs on sale

Are you tired of having straight hair all the time? Try Jenna wig. 

She has a lot of volumes and curls. Her chin-length layers of bouncy, airy spiral curls provide a sassy and fashionable look.

With Jenna wig, you can look gorgeous with minimal effort. Its easy-care Kanekalon® synthetic fibers require little maintenance, and the permatease provides fullness and volume without increasing the weight. 

But wait, there’s more! 

The sturdy yet lightweight wig cap construction of these Paula Young wigs on sale makes it both comfortable and enjoyable to wear. You can also adjust the wig for a snug fit and achieve the most natural results!

This style doesn’t require much fuss or effort because who has time for that?

7. Heather VersaFiber® Paula Young wigs for sale

Heather Paula Young wigs on sale are quite an update on your classic bob cut. Although the overall shape is like a bob, the face-framing fringe and feathered layers make it stand out from the rest. 

With Heather, you get a fuss-free salon-inspired cut. You can wear it to the front, sweep it to the side, or wear it smooth or spiked out or somewhere between. The styling options are endless!

The front layers fall to a very subtle point just under the chin, creating a beautiful silhouette. 

Since she is made with Versa Fiber, you can use a curling iron to 350°F for well-defined curls. 

She’s got soft fibers with amazing curls that are not tangly. The Heather Paula Young wigs on sale are ideal for those experiencing medical hair loss and those who want a wig that requires minimum care and upkeep.

Final words

Feel in tune with your gray hair wigs? That was our goal all along! 

These simple, uncomplicated, easy-to-style gray wigs can be styled differently to fit your mood (and the weather). You can get all the Paula Young wigs on sale without breaking the bank. 

Switch it up; try something new to heat up your fall hair game!

Need more inspiration for embracing stylish wigs? Browse Wig.com and Paula Young’s sale section to get your hands on the most stunning gray hair wigs at the best prices!

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