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Why Fut And Fue Combine Method Considered The Best For Hair Transplants?

Best For Hair Transplants

Often people donot take proper care of their hair, in their youth which makes them the victim of having bald patches, or a completely bald scalp in middle age. No one likes a completely bald scalp and wants to achieve thick healthy Hair Transplant in Dubai . It is always better that people start considering the balding issue seriously when it occurs. If you’re new to the world of hair transplants then let us help you guide about them. In this read, we will help you learn about Fue Combine Method Considered The Best For Hair Transplants. 

The World Of Hair Transplants: 

Different methods of hair transplants have been popular for many years. These techniques are not new and have been in the market for many years. The majority of people opt for them, and they have helped the majority of people in gaining the results they desire. Although people often get afraid when they hear the name of a surgical method, these surgeries are something that can change your appearance, as well as your life. 

Some Important Hair Transplant Techniques: 

Many different techniques can help revive the natural growth, as well as treat the patchy, baldy areas. Let’s look at the main, popular techniques of Hair Transplants in Dubai: 

  • Follicular unit extraction. 
  • Follicular unit transplantation. 
  • Robotic hair transplant. 

Two Main Procedures: 

The FUT and FUE are both the most common and popular methods in the world of hair transplants. These techniques are commonly used as a single technique, or as a combined procedure to solve the different issues. A lot of people know that these procedures help by collecting the donor grafts from the donor region and then implanting them into the recipient region. But in this read, we will help you learn more about when these procedures are performed as a combined process. 

Combined FUT And FUE Procedure: 

A combination process is required when the patients suffer from serious balding issues and require more grafts. For this reason, the surgeon uses both methods to provide the patients with the maximum number of grafts, as well as effective, successful results. If you’re wondering what happens in the combination process, then let us tell you what happens at each step of the procedure: 

Examining The Scalp Condition: 

Before your surgery, your surgeon will first examine your scalp. He/She will try to find the reason why you have been suffering from hair loss. The surgeon will ask you questions about your health and will inform you if you’re a suitable candidate or not. If you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment then you go for the surgery process. 

Anesthesia Administration: 

The application of good anesthesia is one of the first steps that the surgeon performs. This treatment can take as long as between 4 to 8 hours. So the patients must be under the effect of anesthesia so that they do not observe or feel any pain during this time. 

Harvesting The Grafts: 

For the grafting procedure, the surgeon will use both the FUT and the FUE techniques. Because the combination procedure allows you to move the maximum amount of hair from one region to the other.  

  1. By using the FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai  procedure the surgeon will collect a strip of skin, that is about 1 to 1.5cm. This strip of hair will be either collected from the sides or the back of the head. The strip of skin allows the surgeon to have about 3000 to 5,000 follicular grafts in a single session. The expert collects all the grafts under a clear microscopic observation so that no mistakes are made. With this technique, the surgeon makes sure to harvest more amount of grafts 
  1. By using the FUE the surgeon then collects about 500 to 1000 remaining grafts. Utilizing both methods helps achieve effective results, and also helps you achieve natural, long-lasting results. 

The Post-Surgical Hair Care: 

The clients have to follow certain post-care guidelines so that they can attain maximum success results: 

  • For the first week, you will have to sleep, by keeping your head in an elevated position. 
  • After the process try not to dye your hair for a few months. 
  • Make sure to maintain your hydration levels when in your recovery period. 
  • Do not drink alcohol during the first few days of your recovery. 

Reasons Why The Combined FUT And FUE Method is Considered Best: 

Below are some reasons that tell us that why the combination method is more successful: 

  • The combination method helps you achieve more number of grafts in a single session. Achieving a maximum number of grafts in a single session is not quite possible when either procedure is performed alone. 
  • Combining both processes can help the surgeon cover the maximum portion of baldness on the patient’s scalp in a single session. 
  • Both the methods combined offer more benefits. 
  • It also helps reduce the size of the scar the patient will achieve on their scalp. And with the combination process, the scar may also remain hidden. 
  • It helps the expert to collect both single and multiple grafts in sufficient quantities. 
  • Helps the patients with baldness issues, achieve their desired proportion of hair, while leaving a sufficient amount of hair for future sessions. 

Benefits Of Combined FUT And FUE Method: 

The Hair Transplants in Dubai have become super popular and the majority of people are opting for them for treating their different hair concerns and balding issues because of their high success rates. Let’s dive into the benefits this procedure has to offer: 

  • Offers the person maximum coverage of the balding area. 
  • The results you achieve are of natural thick, hair. 
  • A very effective method for people who suffer from severe cases of hair loss. 
  • A single session provides you with a pretty nice coverage of hair on your scalp. 

How Successful Are These Procedures? 

These hair transplant procedures are very successful and offer a 90% success rate. The success rate of these technologies can be as high as 100%. The results you achieve from these procedures are long-lasting and permanent. Clients achieve natural, thick hair. But one has to be persistent with the results. As hair transplant procedures take time you must be patient when achieving the desired results. However, the success of the process can depend on certain reasons, such as: 

  • The skills, knowledge, and experience of the expert performing. 
  • The reputation of the clinic you choose. 
  • The client’s age plays a major role. 
  • The skin laxity. 

The TakeAway! 

While it’s pretty normal to have balding or other hair problems in your life. But what’s not normal is not taking them seriously and getting the right treatment for them. It is always better for people to do thorough research before they opt for any procedure, and to always choose a surgeon that has good experience in their field. Hair problems are normal. So when you choose a specific treatment, do your research, hope for the best, and be patient for the drastic, natural results. 

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