Beginners’ Guide to Cricket Betting

Cricket continues to be the biggest crowd-puller in the subcontinent. While it’s a passion for all, some go on to monetize it. Yes, we are referring to a phenomenon called online cricket betting. It’s all about placing bets and, if all pans out well, earning some serious cash. With cricket happening all year round, the opportunities for betting and winning are plenty.

Assumingly, you are new to betting and hence, looking for assistance. Let’s help your cause with a concise beginners’ guide to cricket betting. It’s your chance to be in the know.     

1. Scan the Stats:

Hunches won’t take you too far. You need some concrete data to base your decisions on. That’s where stats kick in, helping you make winning bets more often. When you know how a particular team or player performed in the previous few outings, predicting the outcomes is easier. That keeps you prepared for all markets, from the match-winner to the top batsman, and more. It’s in your best interest to scan the team and player stats. Better still, watch the previous games if time permits. This will give you deeper insights and a clearer picture. 

2. Discover the Best Odds

In cricket betting, profits depend on one thing, odds. They represent your probability of a win and decide your payouts. Simply put, odds indicate how much you’ll end up earning if you win a given bet. And guess what? Odds are different at different sportsbooks even for the same market. When ordinary odds aren’t an option, it’s wise to scout the internet. Compare odds at different sites and zero in on the ones matching your expectations.

3. Factor in the Format

Cricket is unique in that it’s played in three formats – Test, ODIs, and T20. Though the essence of cricket remains the same across the board, the duration and rules vary from one format to the other. As such, teams have to adjust their combinations accordingly. Also, while some players are equally effective across formats, some are more suited to a given format. Factoring in the format is crucial to decide where and how much to bet. 

4. Choose the Market Wisely

When it comes to markets to bet on, cricket spoils you for choices. However, it’s advisable to proceed with caution. It’s easy to give in to the temptation of betting on volatile markets like the Toss Winner, considering the returns. However, you are better off avoiding them. As the outcome is purely chance-based, it’s hard to predict it right. Instead, focus on Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, and other conventional markets. They are relatively easy to predict and offer decent returns. However, your decisions should be backed by research. 

5. Make the Most of Bonuses

Every online sportsbook lures punters with some fancy promotions, notably free bets, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, high roller rewards, and more. Think of them as a chance to win more without putting your cash at stake. While a deposit bonus comes your way just after activating your account, you need to play consistently at a given sportsbook to get reload and other bonuses. However, when looking for bonuses, don’t forget to go through the attached betting requirements. It’s futile to sign up if the requirements are too harsh. 

6. Access the Pitch

In cricket, much depends on how the pitch behaves. It has a vital role to play in determining team and individual player performances, team combination, total score, total boundaries, and other key aspects. A grassy pitch favors swing bowling while a dusty one aids spin. A flat, grassless pitch, on the other hand, is a godsend for batsmen. That calls for reading the pitch reviews before deciding your bets. With the pitch information readily available on the internet, getting to know the pitch isn’t a hassle. All you need is to read between the lines.   

7. Consult the Weather Man:

Perhaps, no other sport is as impacted by weather as cricket. Rain can interrupt an ongoing game or prevent it from happening at all. When an interrupted game restarts, the Duckworth Lewis system is applicable, which can change the game’s dynamics upside down. Even if the conditions are overcast, expect seam bowlers to dominate the proceeding. Likewise, hot conditions are batsmen-friendly while dry weather helps spin. Also, factor in whether dew would come into play or not. If yes, the team batting second has an advantage. 

8. Be Efficient With Your Bankroll

Last but not the least, have a decent bankroll in place and spend it efficiently. How big it should depend on your sports betting goals and your monthly income. The thumb rule is to spread your wagers across markets to prevent big losses. Also, have a stop loss limit in place. And, all things being equal, don’t subvert the limit or you are staring at big losses. 


So, those were our expert-recommended tips and tricks to ace cricket betting. While betting can help you rake it, we suggest you bet responsibly.


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