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Clash Royale suitable for kids?

On mobile phones, children can pass the time by playing online games. This may result in mental health problems and screen addiction. Despite its peak in 2017, Clash Royale is still popular among children. Parents fear that children’s online gaming prevents them from studying for tests. Or it might expose them to inappropriate material.  parents need to know. Let’s tackle the question raised by the article right away. Is Clash Royale safe for kids?

In Clash Royale

Like its predecessor, Clash of Clans, the strategic smartphone game Clash Royale is popular all around the world. Despite its peak in 2017, Clash Royale is still popular among children. Although this game is primarily appropriate for kids, it could also include graphic language or cyberbullying. Chat boxes among players pose a threat. Players often use harsh language that may not be suitable for your child’s age when they lose a game or grow irate, which could harm your child’s mental health.

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Why are there so many negative impacts of children’s mobile games? The majority of game developers are ignorant that every gaming software may have negative side effects. The negative effects of Clash Royale include harsh language, screen addiction, and disorders connected to dopamine.

Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is a strategy smartphone game created by Supercell that has gained a large following across the world. The popularity of Clash Royale peaked in 2017, and while it has subsequently fallen, many children continue to play it. Although this game is almost fully appropriate for kids, there is always a potential that kids will come across offensive content like foul language or cyberbullying on it. The danger is in the chat box that gamers utilize to communicate with one another. Players often use strong language that may not be age-appropriate for their child when they lose a game or become frustrated, and this exposure can seriously impair your child’s mental health, which we will cover in the next section.


The general public has just learned that humans can develop addictions to their brain chemicals. One is dopamine. Dopamine is produced by the vibrant colors and motion of a phone screen and causes addiction. Your brain is exposed to excessive amounts of dopamine, which reduces its baseline levels and causes screen addiction. If you don’t play Clash Royale on your phone, your dopamine levels will be low. study the addiction to screens.

Language Contact

Strong language may not seem like a big deal, but it has an impact on your child’s growth. Strong language can be problematic for kids because they might repeat it at home or school. If they recite an offensive comment from the Clash Royale chat box in class, they risk being expelled. Both socially and professionally, this will harm them.

According to several research, youngsters who are exposed to profanity on TV or in other media become more aggressive verbally and physically. Obscenity on television or in video games had the same impact as violence in a study of 223 middle school students. Although there is a strong correlation between media vulgarity and actual animosity, it is not causative.


The chat feature in Clash Royale is perfect for cyberbullying. Regardless of whether they learned it from television, aggressive children bully their pals. Bullying can cause children to have low self-esteem. Victims of cyberbullying frequently upload embarrassing remarks or images online. You will be publicly shamed by other bullies, which will lower your self-esteem.

Cyberbullying can lead to self-harm or suicide. Various people have different responses to cyberbullying and humiliation. While others might think of hurting themselves, some may consider harming the bully. Bullying and self-harm are related in research. These effects may increase children’s violent behavior. Cyberbullying has occasionally caused pupils to skip class or bring weapons to school. All parents need to be alert for signals that their child is being bullied online.

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Can children play Clash Royale?

A well-known smartphone game was and still is Clash Royale. You need to know if this game is secure because kids can enter different ages. Kids can play Clash Royale without being hurt. Your child’s online safety may be impacted by the chat box. Players can use profanity in chat using this feature, which is bad for your child. To be alerted to inappropriate chat communications, use parental control programs like Safes. Visit the Family page to learn more about Safes‘ features.


Clash Royale is playable by 12-year-olds.

Clash Royale was created by Supercell with teenagers in mind.

Is innocent Clash Royale?

The absence of offensive language, blood, and gore makes the app safe. Children may be exposed to inappropriate language in chat rooms.

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