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Convert Multiple Outlook Express DBX Files to PST Format – Quick Free Guide

Convert Multiple Outlook Express DBX Files to PST Format

This blog will show you how to convert DBX to PST manually and professionally. You will also learn how to easily migrate from Outlook Express to Outlook.

When talking about the Microsoft XP Edition, by default it uses Microsoft Express as its email client. Data items such as messages, calendars, tasks, and addresses contained in mailbox data are stored in the DBX file.

Now, let us have a look at the ways a user can go for the conversion of the Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST format.

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Method 1- Manual method of conversion

For the manual method of conversion, a user has to follow the steps in three parts. Let us have a look at these parts and the steps.

Part 1: Import the DBX file into Windows Live Mail

  1. Open the first Windows Live Mail application on your system
  2. Then click Start >> All Programs >> Windows Mail and click the File tab
  3. Then click the Import and Export option >> Message
  4. Then select Microsoft Outlook Express Option
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. Then click the Browse button and select the DBX file you want to migrate.
  7. Click the Select Folder and then click on the Next option.
  8. Click the specific message and click Next to continue.
  9. Finally, click the Finish button.

Part 2: To start the process of moving Windows Live Mail data to Outlook PST

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail on the same system then click the File tab and then select the Export option
  2. Next, you need to select Microsoft Exchange as the format. Click Next to continue.
  3. Next, you need to wait for the message “All emails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange” and then click the OK button.
  4. Now select the Select Folder option. You can then export the email folders you want to migrate.
  5. Then select the appropriate option and click the OK button to start the migration process.
  6. Finally, the process is completed successfully, so click on the Finish button
  7. These are the steps for the manual importing of the DBX files to the Outlook PST format.               

Users may find many drawbacks while going through the conversion of the Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST format while following the manual method of conversion. Some of the drawbacks are discussed.

Drawbacks of manual method

There can be many drawbacks that are faced by performing the Manual method of conversion. These are;

  1. Chances of error are more
  2. Instant conversion is not granted
  3. Files are not arranged properly
  4. Users do face many errors
  5. Not a direct method for the conversion task

These are the drawbacks that are faced by a user while carrying out the manual conversion of the DBX files.

Professional Approach

Using the DBX to PST Converter tool is one of the best solutions for a user to convert DBX files to PST format. The tool is advanced and is tested by professionals. The tool is easy to use by any user and without any trouble, a user is able to carry the conversion of their DBX files to the PST format. Users can simply follow the steps to convert the DBX files to PST format. Some of the steps are discussed below. These include;


  • First, install and start the application
  • Now, select the DBX files you want to convert to PST format


  • Preview those files


  • Add a repository of converted DBX files
  • Finally, click the “Convert Now” button.


Any kind of error is not faced by any user while following these steps.

Some Advanced Features

Here are some of the features discussed that help every user to convert the DBX files to PST format. These features include:

  1. Compatibility- The tool provides great compatibility to the users. Users can use this DBX to PST Converter tool in any of the Windows Operating systems including Windows XP or Vista.
  2. Accuracy- While maintaining the accuracy, the conversion of the DBX files is done to the PST format. The integrity, as well as the originality of the files, are also maintained by the tool.
  3. Bulk conversion- A user can convert any amount and any size of DBX files without any kind of trouble. The tool supports bulk conversion of the DBX files to PST format.
  4. Intendent tool- There is no need for a user to download any other application to convert the DBX files to PST format as the tool is independent to use. Direct conversion of the DBX files occurs with the help of the app.

And many more features are provided by the tool for easy conversion of the DBX files.


With this blog, we have explained to users the conversion of the DBX file to PST format. A user can go for the manual or the professional method of conversion. Still, as discussed, the professional method or using the DBX to PST Converter tool is a much better option.

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