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Every TV Mounting Mistakes People Make

Many people make tv mounting mistakes. The only problem is that you’ll have to magically lift the TV onto that wall. This is a difficult task. However, you’re not by yourself. We polled our experts, and here are five ways to avoid mounting your TV. Firstly let us get into what are the actual tv mounting mistakes people make.

The most common errors people make when setting up a television are mentioned below.

Issues With the Location

Good posture is one of the most important factors to consider while hanging a television. As the focal point of the space, the television should be properly positioned and mounted. A television is frequently placed in the most convenient spot. This will detract from the appeal of your television and the rest of the room. The best method for selecting a television position is to do so first, then style and decorate the remainder of your room around it.

Ineffective mounting techniques

Is your television properly set up? You may run into issues even if you find a great spot with the proper mounting. Many individuals believe that simply hanging a television on the wall is enough. Suitable installation tactics, on the other hand, involve selecting the proper mounting height, bracket type, and devices.

Check ahead of time to see if you’ll require a swiveling mount. If you want a more stable installation, make sure your ports are in the right place. Additional assistance will be essential to lift and properly put your TV on the wall mount.

In such a short period of time, there are many factors to consider. The best option is to hire a professional TV mounting company. Home Tech Geeks is a TV mounting company that offers same-day installation. You will save a lot of time mounting your own TV on the walls with the help of our fantastic professional.

Insufficient cable length to effectively connect

You’ll need enough cable length for a reliable connection if you wish to install a TV on the wall. Furthermore, devices with an AV connection, such as a soundbar, a game console, or other electronic accessories, require enough cable length to avoid straining all of the wires, which could lead to a damaged connection over time. By exposing all of the connections, moving your TV from the stand to the center of your wall may create an ugly appearance. Wire management is therefore essential. Wire management guarantees that the connection is safe and secure.

Choosing the incorrect bracket to mount your TV

TV Wall brackets come in a variety of styles, including flat, full-motion, and tilt, all of which change your viewing angle. More significantly, you must select the correct VESA size. This is the space between the screws on the back of your TV; without it, you’ll be stuck.

Also, for More details on TV brackets. Do check How to Choose the right TV Bracket?

Not Properly making use of level

It’s preferable not to rely on your eyesight if you don’t want to be upset by your TV’s wrong angle every time you watch it. Moreover, use a level to ensure the bracket is level before beginning to drill any holes. Meanwhile, mark where you want to drill the holes once it’s level.

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