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Lawyers, What Strategy Should You Adopt To Develop Yourself On The Internet?

Why create a website when you are a lawyer or jurist?

Nowadays, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh it is common knowledge that the digital experience and the quality of a website make the difference between a customer and a simple visitor.

It serves you both as an information medium, a prospecting tool and even, if you wish, as a diary for your appointments. It is for these reasons that your website must be as impeccable as your practice! But the advantage over your office is that your website never sleeps.

How to build the ideal website when you are a jurist or a lawyer?

On any website, the objective is to offer the user the best possible experience. Your website must therefore have an intuitive interface and optimal ergonomics. These elements testify to a quality service in the mind of any visitor. Similarly, search engines like Google or Bing refer more to sites offering a quality user experience.

On our website creation page, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh we have detail our complete methodology to build a reference site to differentiate you from your colleagues at the bar!

If you don’t have time to read our article, here is a summary:

Creation of visual identity for lawyers:

To create quality branding for legal professions, we recommend:

  • Subdue colors, for example white, gray or light blue
  • A clear graphic charter, base on 2 or 3 colors only
  • A brighter color for calls to action without being too original
  • A modern and classic typography so as not to convey an image that is too commercial and to make reading easier for your visitors. For example, Roboto, Open Sans or the timeless Helvetica fonts.

The essential elements on a lawyer’s website:

  • A presentation of you and your associates
  • The areas of intervention in which you excel.
  • Your values ​​and the elements that make you unique as a lawyer
  • The additional services and services you offer (legal advice and training, for example)
  • The presentation of your mode of operation and the details of the application of your fees.
  • Regulatory aspects relate to your profession (legal notices, address, legal form, contact details of the publication director and site host, credits relate to the ownership of published content,  GDPR )
  • Your contact details and a contact form that is both secure and responsive
  • The compliance of your website with the National Internal Regulations

However, building a website is only of interest if it is visible, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh in the second part we explain how to develop your visibility.

Lawyers, lawyers, win new customers by taking care of your online visibility

The visibility of your website is as important as its content or design. By improving your SEO you develop your notoriety (e-reputation) and win new prospects.

Today there are several techniques for acquiring new customers via search engines and social networks. These different growth strategies meet different objectives and are complementary. In order to build the best possible web marketing strategy, we recommend that you use them concomitantly.

SEO: lawyer, how to properly reference your website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization or natural referencing. It aims in particular to increase the natural traffic of your internet. The main advantage of SEO is its relatively low cost. Even today, we believe it is the least expensive and most profitable source of acquisition over the long term. Very time-consuming and sometimes a little technical, this lever nevertheless deserves to be optimize as soon as possible.

There are levers to improve your SEO: technical, content, and popularity.

  • Infrastructure optimization (server, database, etc.)
  • Optimization of site performance (weight of images, CSS, HTML, JS, etc.)
  • Navigation optimization (responsive, loading speed, etc.)
  • Integration of the sitemap file

Regarding the content pane, you can optimize the content of your pages as follows:

  • Respond to user issues
  • Do not club the same keywords dozens of times, the effect would be counterproductive for Google, but on the contrary vary the lexical field
  • Place the words or phrases most important to you as high as possible on your page or in your titles
  • Take care of your tags (H1, H2, H3, meta description, url names, rich snippets)
  • Take care of your internal network. The internal mesh in SEO designates the organization of the links composing a website. This component is often neglecte within SEO Strategies while it remains very important in SEO.

The last lever to improve your legal site is popularity. This is perhaps the most complicate to optimize, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh but it is also the most important.

But these links must:

  • Come from a web page that deals with a theme relate to that of the request you are targeting.
  • Be from a high pagerank page. PageRank or PR is the   link analysis algorithm use in the web page ranking system used by the Google search engine.
  • Be made over time, smooth over time, in a natural way.

SEA for lawyers or how to get leads quickly

SEA or Search Engine Advertising or search engine advertising allows you to do target advertising. Each search engine or social network has its own advertising agencies.

Google with Google Ads, Microsoft with Bing Ads, Instagram with Insta Ads, Facebook with Facebooks Ads, etc.

These keywords are purchase as auctions, with more popular phrases naturally costing more. In the legal sector, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh the click generally costs around €8 and the conversion rate around 10%. Thus for 800 € invest, we can estimate the commercial return around 10 new customers.

The whole Transacts team wishes you much success in building your online communication strategy.


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