Pedometer Iphone – How To See Your Daily Steps

Pedometer Iphone - How To See Your Daily Steps

Pedometer Iphone – How To See Your Daily Steps!

With the iPhone’s pedometer, you can easily track your physical activity. Here you can find out how to do it.

A pedometer on the iPhone can help you keep track of your fitness. You don’t need an additional app because your iPhone already has a pedometer integrated. att mobile transfer From iOS 8, you have the free fitness and health app “Health” pre-installed. This article will tell you exactly how to use this and which other free apps are available.

Activate Pedometer On Iphone

The fitness and health app “Health” has been pre-installed on your iPhone since the iOS 8 update. You can also activate a pedometer. So you always keep an eye on your daily steps and the distance covered. The great thing is that you only have to turn this feature on once. This is how you can activate the pedometer on the iPhone:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy.”
  3. Then select “Exercise and fitness.”
  4. Activate the pedometer by sliding the “Fitness Log” slider to the right.

What Makes The Integrated Pedometer On The Iphone So Unique?

The pedometer on the iPhone from “Health” has a significant advantage over other apps, and it doesn’t depend on your phone’s battery charge. This means the motion co-processor is still counting even when the iPhone is turned off. This is responsible for recording the steps. When you turn your iPhone back on, the recorded data will be forwarded to the appropriate app.

Overview Of The Data From The Pedometer On The Iphone

In the “Health” app from Apple, you will find an overview of your steps. But in addition to the steps, you will also see the distance covered and the number of floors. You not only get daily data, but you can also have a weekly and monthly overview created for you. A year view is also no problem with this app.

Pedometer App for iPhone Free – These are the most popular apps

There are other options if you don’t want to use the Health app as a pedometer. Unfortunately, the time has shown that the Health app’s pedometer is not as accurate as first thought. But are there any good alternatives to the integrated pedometer on the iPhone?

You can get a free pedometer app for your iPhone in the AppStore. The only question here is which app you should choose. Here are some of the most popular pedometer apps for iPhone to make your choice a little easier.

Accupedo – A Classic

“Accupedo” is one of the classic pedometer apps. It is simple and compact and offers a good overview of the steps taken. You can watch as the app counts your efforts live, and the numbers gradually increase. You can also get information about calorie consumption or the distance already covered, but you have to make a few settings for this.

However, the app has some advertising; an ad-free Pro version can be bought for 2.90 euros. The app is particularly suitable for minimalists who want to count their steps and have a simple and compact overview.

Steps – Made For The iPhone

The “Step z” app is designed for iOS only. Many users are satisfied with the app because it is supposed to count very precisely and thus also provides detailed results. The app counts steps taken in the background. The pedometer app for the iPhone is free and has another advantage: it consumes little power and therefore does not put a lot of strain on your battery.

The “Stepz” app is also ideal for friends. With the “Stepz Friends” feature, you can compare your running performance with your friends. Running together and achieving common goals is no longer so difficult. There is also a Pro version of this app, which can be activated for EUR 0.99.

StepsApp – Compact And Clear

The “Steps App” is a popular pedometer for the iPhone. You can also pair this app with Apple Health or Google Fit, which many find particularly handy. All essential functions are included, and statistics can also be created. The app is straightforward and compact. You can also set your own goals with this pedometer for iPhone. You will then also receive a notification when you have reached it. You can also easily share your results on your social media channels via the app.


Whether you want to improve your health and fitness or are just curious about how many steps you take each day, the pedometer on iPhone will help you get an overview mobupdates.com. You can easily activate the integrated pedometer in the settings. You can also download additional free apps if you want more accurate data. Leave us a comment if you want to know more about this topic or have a question.

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