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Some Reliable Methods to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud

Import OLM Contacts to iCloud

Are you using Mac? Are you using MS Outlook for Mac? Do you want to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud platform? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. iCloud is a service from Apple to Mac users to store photos, files, notes, passwords, and contact in the cloud. The facility is offered to keep your important contacts and other info intact. Even if the system is hanged or not working, it gives you a sigh of relief that your data is safe in the cloud. Apple iCloud storage can open on your iPad or other handheld devices. It means you are connected with your important contacts all the time.

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Mac users like to use the free and the paid version of iCloud to store data. It is a smart alternative to a desktop-based application like MS Outlook for Mac. Your OLM files are sensitive. They can damage because of sudden network failure or system crashes. OLM files may corrupt because of some virus attack on the system, corruption in storage, and an unexpected crash of MS Outlook. Why do you take the risk for your important emails and contacts? Therefore, the best practice is to transfer OLM contacts to the cloud platform. The article is dedicated to making the conversion easy, fast, and secure.

Manual Conversion Solutions- Import OLM Contacts to iCloud

  • Browse the internet to connect your iPhone account with the system and access your iCloud account by providing the correct credentials


  • The sign-in icon will appear as you browse using the above-mentioned URL. Provide the login details.


  • The iCloud apps will display various options. Hit the Contacts icon from them.


  • In the lower-left corner, the tool displays the gear icon Import vCard Settings.


  • As you hit the tab, the tool starts importing vCard contacts into iCloud.


  • Wait until the program displays the transferred contacts.


How do you find the above-mentioned procedure? It is easy to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud using the procedure. The whole process is simple to follow. You will successfully transfer all required data from OLM to iCloud. The results are satisfactory.

Convert OLM Contacts to VCF(vCard) File Format –

There is another method to access OLM files to your iCloud account and it is to export OLM contacts to vCard. The file extension is very flexible. It supports Android devices to iCloud. With the conversion of OLM to VCF, users can open important contacts of MS Outlook for Mac on MS Outlook for Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and multiple other devices.

For conversion of OLM to VCF, users can take the help of a third-party tool because there are limited manual options to export OLM data to vCard manually. Moreover, no manual conversion supports accurate migration assurance. A professional third-party tool export MS Outlook to VCF in no time. The goal of conversion is fulfilled without technical competency.

Choose a professional tool looking at the key features of the application, its reviews, and the free trial opportunity. Make sure the tool is available with lifetime validity. It means you can use the app as long as you want. It means unlimited data conversion. A VCF file can hold contacts with images and audio recordings.

Once you export OLM data to vCard, here are the steps to follow to access a virtual card.

Import a vCard

If the vCard holds more than one contact, each contact will have a separate entry.

1. Browse iCloud.com and log in with your account, hit the contact icon and click in the sidebar, select import to vCard

It will take a few minutes to add all vCard contacts to the iCloud All Contacts group. There is a drag option to add contacts to the other group.

Exporting a vCard

If you want to export iCloud contacts to vCard, the process is here to follow.

1. Browse iCloud.com, and choose either one or more contacts from the contacts list.
2. Hit the Setting in the sidebar, and select the Export vCard option.

If you choose more than one contact, the export process will export all these contacts to a single vCard file. It helps to avoid data clutter problems.

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Airmail is a common mail client for Apple device users. It stores data in the cloud and makes the data accessible to Mac, iPhone, or iPad holders easily. You cannot carry your laptop all your way. Therefore, storing important contacts in the cloud is beneficial. You are in touch with your important contacts every time. So, which option do you like to go for? The choice is all yours.

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