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Top 10 Factors Affecting The IVF Success And Failure

You (married couples) have the advice to visit one of the best IVF centres in Bangalore or your locality when your family members and well-wishers know your efforts haven’t brought any fruit in your way of parenthood. Deciding to have IVF treatment is a wise decision. However, you should know all associated points such as IVF success and failure before making a final decision. Here are some factors affecting the IVF success and failure:

  1. Age

Age is the primary factor that affects the success and failure of IVF treatment. After a certain age, your success is lower and you have a high risk of failure. In general, females in the age group of 20-30 have a higher chance of IVF success. After 30, the success ratio goes down. And if you are over 45, many fertility experts or IVF doctors never advise you to become a mother through IVF after 45.    

  1. Previous pregnancy

If you (female) became pregnant earlier and gave birth to a child naturally, you will have a higher chance of IVF or ICSI success. You could get the required help with ART techniques such as PGT-A, PGT-SR, PGT-M, and ERA if you had recurrent miscarriages and faced problems in conceiving through IVF. 

  1. Types of fertility problems 

Usually, couples visit a doctor when they notice their inability to become parents of a child. This inability might be infertility. If you have fertility problems like uterine abnormalities, fibroid tumors, ovarian dysfunction, and dual infertility, your IVF treatment will work less or might not be effective. Further, your duration of conception problem might cause you to have IVF failure. Treating your fertility problems through medications and allied others can increase your chance of IVF success.  

  1. Quality of egg and embryo 

Your egg and embryo quality is based on the factors like age, stimulation protocol, ovarian reserve, and sperm quality you or your partner may have. Having a higher quality egg and embryo means you have a higher chance of IVF success.  

  1. Sperm quality 

As per several studies, egg quality causes approximately 90% of chromosomal embryo issues. However, male infertility affects embryos. If your male partner has a lower sperm count, poor sperm motility, etc. you will have a lower chance of IVF success for having your own biological child. You can think of using a donor sperm program to ensure your IVF success.   

  1. Embryo transfer 

Many experts state that embryo transfer is crucial in IVF treatment. The doctor carrying the process must be very careful and ensure to have no interruption or misconduct. Any issue in transfer such as biological factors or time can make IVF treatment unsuccessful.  

  1. Uterine receptivity 

Similar to embryo and egg quality, uterine receptivity is important for IVF success. You won’t have a healthy plant if you make compromises in seed or soil while planting the seed. You might have receptivity issues due to uterine cavity contour, immunological factors, and uterine lining thickness. 

  1. Donor eggs 

You (females willing to have pregnancy through IVF treatment) can think of using a donor egg program to increase your IVF success if you have egg problems due to any reasons.  

  1. COH (controlled ovarian stimulation) protocol 

These protocols relate to the types of medications and their timing of administration to females willing to conceive via IVF. Further, they are for accuracy in medication doses and timing and the individualization based on ovulation. Your doctor is fully responsible for the determination of a particularly favorable protocol.   

  1. Lifestyle 

Having a healthy lifestyle is crucial for all human beings. It becomes more crucial for females trying to have pregnant through IVF. Before 3 months of your IVF treatment, you (females) start having a healthy lifestyle if you haven’t this. And for this, you need to quit smoking, stop the intake of alcoholic beverages, maintain a healthy weight, and focus on taking a pregnancy-friendly diet. Further, you should meditate and do light yoga poses to stay calm and cool.   


IVF treatment gives hope of having a child. However, it has bad effects on some reproductive health issues, environmental factors, and genetic problems. Knowing what can make your IVF treatment successful or a failure will help you prepare yourself well. It will encourage you to do what can take you to have IVF success.

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