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Top 10 Interior Design Trends That Will Stay in 2022 (Ideas and Tips)

We are still spending more time at home than in past years, nearly two years after the pandemic began. As a result, the appearance of our living places is more crucial than ever. But design is no longer only about looks; it’s also about usefulness. The most significant influences on interior design trends have been these two variables.


Although many of the trends we witnessed in 2021 have passed us by, there are a few that continue. What remains to be seen is how long these styles will be popular. Here are the top 10 interior design ideas that will dominate in 2022, ranging from how we live in our homes to colours and general appearance.


1. Decorative trim and passementerie

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In 2022, we’ll see more ornamental details like passementerie and trim as minimalism and mid-century modern trends go out of favour. Texture, tassels, trim, and passementerie are all making a comeback in the design world. People will be sprucing up their homes and embellishing their furnishings in greater numbers.


2. Rattan and woven furniture


Despite the fact that cane and rattan have been fashionable for several years, these timeless designs will only gain favour in 2022. Rattan, wicker, and grasscloth will never go out of style. Natural materials, which give the design a calm, warm, and relaxed feel, function in a variety of settings.


This Cesca Arm Chair is also great if you want to have some rattan accent in your interiors.


3. Kickback from the 1970s


A dash of nostalgia is all it takes to liven up a space. Burnt orange, moss greens, and other warm neutrals are used to enhance up-and-coming interiors. For these splashes of colour and patterns, go local to flea markets or boutique stores, or repair a vintage couch.


4. Functional rooms yet aesthetic

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Great rooms will witness a return in new and renovated homes in 2022, as functionality becomes increasingly essential. We’re seeing a shift away from formal living spaces, which have resulted in underused rooms, and toward great rooms, where the entire family can relax and entertain now that we can all get together again.


Although these rooms are intended to be functional, this does not mean that they are without aesthetic value. Invest in a fantastic room with high-quality furnishings that complement your lifestyle and preferences. The idea is to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, such as with a linen sofa or layered rugs that seem rich and textured yet relaxing, filling the area with a softness that makes you want to spend time there.


5. Bold colours


Colour is returning, and the world is ready for it! Classic colours and bold paints can work wonders in the right spaces, bringing art and basic furniture to life. With the perfect colour, attractive silhouettes and floral fabrics can help to create a coordinated, proper setting.


This does not, however, imply that bold colours must be used in all situations. Instead, it can be balanced. Neutral tones mixed with powerful hues, such as deep greens, rich reds, and blues, will continue to be a go-to colour scheme for most, whether it’s custom cabinetry or designing a whole living area.


It allows the homeowner to maintain the majority of their area peaceful and relaxing while yet adding a bold colour accent for intrigue.


6. Zen interior design

Zen Style Interior Design Ideas For A Serene Home| Design Cafe
Photo by Design Cafe


Interior design that promotes sustainable living has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it highlights the innovative and eco-friendly design. This may inspire others to consider eco-friendly options for their own homes. On the other hand, it reflects a clear and uncluttered mind.


Zen-living is defined by light wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces. The decor in these locations is organic and natural, with a less-is-more attitude. The emphasis here is on being aware of how a location, as well as the furniture and design, can influence emotions and overall well-being. Personalized interiors will reign supreme, with environments that empower us to be our best selves.


7. Reclaimed Wood


Using recycled wood is yet another method to combine vintage and sustainability. You’re using wood that’s already in circulation rather than cutting down trees, which is a huge step toward sustainable design. The warm and inviting sensitivities inherent in the material, all of which are unique in character to each item, are what I find most appealing and believe are pulling others to investigate this timeless trend. More unusual applications of recycled wood in the form of subtle decoration that gives lovely character to any environment, I believe, will be seen.


8. Wallpaper 


Wallpaper has been a big fad in recent years, and it’s only going to get bigger in 2022. Many people have gotten weary of their bland, neutral-coloured walls and want to add some colour and vibrancy to their spaces. This is especially relevant in light of the recent two years’ occurrences.


9. High-tech furniture and homes


Home and furniture design are increasingly using technology. And a modern home would be incomplete without both. Today’s homeowners want the convenience and peace of mind of being able to control security, temperature, and music from their smartphones. Self-shading windows, induction cooktops, and heated floors are examples of high-tech equipment.


Pieces with integrated technology or functional design are invariably included in smart furniture. Accent tables, for example, can conceal speakers and controls, while remote-controlled bookshelves can show a television. Multi-cornered couches, sculptural storage and surfaces, and speakers that act as decor are also fashionable.


10. Ideal home office

Photo by Architectural Digest


The desire to create the ideal home office has increased. Home offices come in different shapes and sizes, from a large space with everything you need to a fold-away desk in the living room. But, regardless of how it appears, the goal is to make your space function for you. When it comes to building your own office, remember that usefulness, practicality, and aesthetics are all equally vital.

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