Top 7 Russian Fashion Bloggers

Every country has preconceived notions about the fashion business. Russian women in particular have earned a great reputation for being stylish and paying close attention to fashion. Also unknown is the exact genesis of this cliche.

1.   Anastasia Reshetova:

A well-known Russian blogger and fashion model with 4.1 million Instagram followers, Anastasia Reshetova has a wonderful sense of style and fashion.

The 2013 “Miss Russian Earth” title went to this talented fashionista who was raised in Moscow, Russia.

Wait! Hope is still alive! She was also successful in cracking the top 10 contenders for Miss Earth 2013. I find that to be fantastic.


Yes! In the 2014 Miss Russia pageant, she did not place as high as Polina Popova. Despite this, she persisted in continuing and proudly held the title of first runner-up.

After taking vows, a woman is capable of finishing any task. Olga Buzova, a Russian fashion blogger based in New York, broadcast it to the entire world.


2.    Nastasya Samburskaya:

Let’s meet Natasya Samburskaya, a 30-year-old Russian model and actress who is also a key figure in the country’s fashion industry.

Due to his wide range of inventive concepts and attire preferences, his fame has surpassed everything. And he currently has 11.4 million fans! Do you think it’s possible?

This stunning actress has been a part of the hit TV show Univer for ten years, and she continues to hold down the fort as a musician, fashion designer, and columnist (for a fashion magazine).

In addition to her career in the entertainment sector, Natasha is a fashion blogger who offers her fans and followers her unique and up-to-date styling suggestions.

3.    Masha Minogarova:

Are you attracted to Russian beauty? You will fall in love with Masha Minogarova right away after seeing her photo and learning about her achievements in the fashion world. She is a Russian fashion blogger who lives in New York.

With 1.2 million Instagram followers, this Russian doll personifies majesty and accomplishment. She participated in the debut season of Russia’s “Top Model” and advanced to the grand final.

Her fame rocketed to the heights as soon as she got there. She has been asked to participate in a variety of local and international projects, and she has modeled for several Russian and foreign fashion designers, such as Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and others.

4.    Maryana RO:

One of the top Russian fashion bloggers, Maryana Ro is a well-known extrovert, model, and influencer.

With 7.7 million Instagram followers, Maryana is well-known for her practical tricks on her followers.

She became well-known due to her Instagram videos, and in addition to blogging, she is now growing her career by working with several reputable and powerful companies, such as Nike, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Many esteemed media outlets, like Daily Express, Harper’s Magazine, and others, have written about Maryana’s notoriety in the fashion business and her internet presence.

She runs her businesses and successfully manages her career as a musician, TV host, and businesswoman. She is a fashion influencer who frequently tries out new clothes and cosmetics.

5.    Ekaterina Klimova:

Do you like to find out about another well-known Russian television personality who has made a name for themselves in the world of glamour?

Well! It is Ekaterina Klimova, a wonbeautifuldel. Trust us! Including fans and supporters, she currently has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers.

But what makes her so well-known? ActHerstinctive sense of style and presentation are what make it stand out.

In addition to professionally competing against opponents in her major employment in tennis, she also controls the fashion sector. She has feat a lot of the biggest fashion influencers. Not only celebrities and models can be glamorous and interested in fashion. Players may benefit from it as well. Russian-born tennis player Maria Sharapova has successfully demonstrated it in front of us.

6.    Polina Proshkina:

Do you know the name of one of the greatest Russian fashion bloggers who, despite being a relatively new name in the industry, is already a frequent visitor to the fashion scene in New York City?

The individual in question is Polina Proshkina, a model and stylist who is aware of the most recent fashion trends. She is an expert at putting together a difficult outfit.

Polina, a fashion influencer and blogger, is so steadily solidifying her place as a prominent force in the fashion and style sector.

7.    Dasha Dereviankina:

Dasha Dereviankina is a well-known television personality, much like Ekaterina Klimova. In New York, she is a well-known Russian fashion blogger.

This Russian model and influencer have almost 3 million Instagram followers. Dereviankina’s love of fashion is clear in the stunning outfits she wears and uploads to Instagram.

In addition to professionally competing against opponents in her major employment in tennis, she also controls the fashion sector. She can defeat a lot of the biggest fashion influencers.

This New York-based Russian fashion blogger has more than 4 million Instagram followers.

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