5 Ways to Create Fake Facebook Posts

Facebook is among the most well-known social media platforms that allow online thought sharing as well as social media. You can fake a Facebook post quickly using Fake Facebook Generator online tools.

Create false Facebook statuses, liked posts, as well as comments for Facebook to fool your friends. Everyone loves to play fun activities that are shared by their friends. Therefore, I’m going to recommend to you some websites and fake facebook post generator tools that allow you to create Facebook fake facebook posts, statuses and comments, and chats.

The intention of creating fake Facebook chats and posts:

  • Entertainment and fun
  • Digital Marketing
  • Help students learn how to utilize social media
  • Social media marketing via Facebook pages and via chat

Marketing digital content has been not an easy task. In the past, this concept was not even a subject of debate. Today it’s a common occurrence and, without the use of digital content marketing, no business will survive. Therefore, the marketing department has to shift towards digital channels. 

However, to educate their employees they are unable to simulate an actual environment without investing funds in advertising. Therefore, fake detail offers social media simulators that are a great tool to instruct your employees and students by creating content for marketing but not actually posting to social media. We’ve created a simple and quick Facebook status and post simulator.

Facebook Post Generators is a variety of tools for education, where you can educate your marketing team or instruct your students with social media simulations making dummy content to use in digital marketing. Your students can take the seat of the driver and gain knowledge about the art of creating content for digital marketing by practicing in a simulation instead of investing money in the real world.

How to create fake Facebook Statuses, Comments, and chats?


Fakedetail website is among the most effective Fake Facebook Post generator where you can make fake Facebook posts without any worries.

Upload a profile photo and create a chat of it as you want with this tool, and amaze your acquaintances. Make use of the Fake Facebook Post Generator to prank your friends across every social media platform. It’s simple to use and extremely simple, while featuring the latest Facebook design and layout along with button icons. You can also create Facebook chats by making a Fake Facebook Chat Generator.

Fakedetail allows you to create unique funny fake Facebook chats based on your own ideas. You do not need to log in to create a false Facebook chat. Create a Facebook Chat and prank others by sharing your created image. Upload a profile picture. make a picture according to your preference. After you create a chat then you can download the created chat. You can make use of this to promote by putting the names of celebrities.

How do you create a fake Facebook post by using

  • First, click the link for the webpage.
  • There are two sections, one of which is a Post Editing section as well as a Post display section.
  • When you write specifics within the Post Editing section you will notice the post is generated in a timely manner, and you can create the chat you want.
  • Now, you can provide additional false information like Account Name, Number of Likes Post Description, etc.
  • Then, you can go to comments to add your own comments count.
  • Finally, you can preview your final post before hitting the download Your Post button.

2. is another fake post-generator site. With this site, users can create quickly fake post that contains an untrue Profile Image Post Image, Post Title Account Name, GeoTag Description, Likes, and more. A comment section that allows users to post false comments can also be available through the program. Then, follow the next steps.

How can you make fake posts by using

  • Create this website by clicking the hyperlink.
  • Then, visit then the Post Editing section to load the profile picture and then post the image.
  • Then, provide other false information like Account Name, Number of Likes Post Description, Post Name, etc.
  • Then, visit the Comment section and make custom comments to the post.
  • Then, look over the final post before hitting the save button.
  • Users can save their final post in a PNG format for images. Users can also post via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other Platforms.

3. is another counterfeit Facebook post generator site. Users can create fake comments, posts pictures, and content likes. and other elements. Once a fake post has been created the users can view the post on the preview panel. When a fake blog post is created users can save it as a PNG file. 

Follow the following steps:

You can make the post exactly as you would like, then click the “Save it” to save your post “Save” button to save your post or status. After a few minutes, two more buttons will appear beneath”the “save it” button. The first button will allow you to share the post directly to your profile, while the other will save and save your status/post as an image to your mobile, computer, or tablet.

Dizwa also offers a tool that can create fake Facebook chats. It looks amazing and is simple to create.


With this tool, you are able to create fake updates, comments chats, and comments. You can easily alter your profile picture as well as the name of your profile and change any aspect of your profile. It is a false status generator that isn’t associated with Facebook and allows you to snap photographs from fake conversations. It is not possible to post any content on Facebook. 

Make your friends laugh and make them believe that they are being ludicrous and then tell them that it was a screenshot from the real Facebook page. If you’re seeking fake status generators for other social networks and devices, Simitator is a good choice. It works with Twitter, Snapchat, iOS texts, and more.


It’s a user-friendly site. The wall itself can be customized. This application lets you include status updates, friend notifications, and photo updates to walls. You must sign in to Facebook for this app. It is not possible to upload anything to Facebook on this site, however. It is only possible to use this site to trick your friends. You could also take a photo to show the fake conversations.

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