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All the tips you can gather about west facing factory vastu are right here

When we think of a factory, we visualize a manufacturing unit, a processing unit, a packaging unit and a distribution unit. These different units in a factory are like organs of the human body. All of them have different functions to perform in their own time. If we do not balance the energies and functioning of all these organs then the factory as a body might fail to function effectively. West facing factory Vastu is the best and most essential element of homogenization of all such energies. 

West Facing Factory Vastu is The Secret to Success

Do you look at a production unit at your factory and think if it is really placed the way it is supposed to be? Or do you ever think if the area of packaging and processing of your factory really should be facing a particular direction? If yes, then congratulations, you are already a curious mind about the art of Vastu. The only thing you need next is an excellent industrial vastu consultant that can lead you in the appropriate direction. I know you do not trust me then, try for yourself and see the results. 

Multiple industries that started off as a single factory unit adopted the art of vastu and reached greater heights of desired success and satisfaction. Vastu ensures that all elements in your factory are coordinated and conducted in an established and more fashionable manner. It will ensure that your manner of production is in harmony with the manner of outlet and sales. In this topic of factory vastu tips, we are going to discuss all factors that affect and influence all areas of your factory.

Diversity of West Facing Factory Vastu

Now, when we talk about a west-facing factory, we are taking all possible options into consideration. It can be textiles factories, wood factories, agricultural material factories, goods processing factories, factories for handicrafts, factories for metals, factories for tools and instruments, factories for storage of processed articles or even an assembling factory for different parts of a big machine. We leave nothing out of the list because every factory is a business, a mode of worship for someone, a source of income and survival for someone. If every business is equally complex and explicit then how can we generalize this concept of vastu for factories?

Essential Factory Vastu Tips

When we talk about west facing factory vastu, we consider the attributes of the west direction. This is the direction of excessive monetary wealth and prosperity. This is the direction of monetary gains and can raise many opportunities in the direction of financial aspects.

We need to settle everything in the west facing factory with the help of vastu shastra that is suitable to the direction of west. Since, the vastu of west direction is extremely elaborate therefore, one must only contact a vastu expert for this purpose.

Here are some vastu tips for west facing factories that will help you reorganize and rearrange your factories with a motive to attract greater energies towards your unit. The factory vastu tips need to identify the nature of factories and the type of business running inside the factories.

  • Entrance –

    factories with west and north entrance are more beneficial for the tasks that are undertaken inside the factory. This attracts a lot of positivity and influences a great deal of activities.

  • Machineries –

    the direction of machineries should be decided considering the nature and objective of that machinery. For example, a boiler should always be placed in the south-east direction as it is a representative of fire element. Any other heavy machinery should be placed in the south-west direction. Cutting and chiselling machineries should be placed in south-east direction.

  • Raw materials –

    these should be placed in the south-east or south-west in order to maximize the production and enhance the quality of production. 

  • Finished Goods –

    All finished goods and products must be placed in the north-west, north or east as it helps in boosting the sales of these finished goods. 

  • Office –

    the office should be in west or north direction. West direction is considered auspicious for the gains and profits and therefore, it should be present in that direction.


We have come to conclude the discussion of west facing factory vastu in today’s session. If you found this helpful then do not forget to share it with your near and dear ones so that they could take some help out of it too.

This is just one of the aspects of vastu shastra for house. There are hundreds and thousands of other unsolved puzzles that can find their missing pieces with the help of vatsu. You can learn more about vastu for industries by visiting our website.

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