Apply These Methods to Improve Generate Invoices in QuickBooks

How do I create an invoice in QuickBooks Online?

This blog installment is directed to those QuickBooks users who’ll want to improve their processes to generate invoices in QuickBooks. Invoicing is a necessary outcome for any business accounting software. Although, the scope for improvement is always there.

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History of QuickBooks Application

If there’s any application that has managed to carry its legacy for four decades then it is QuickBooks. Its efficient quality has ranked it as the top accounting software. Users can do bookkeeping, inventory, taxation, payroll, bank reconciliation, etc. QuickBooks allows invoicing too. This invoicing will in turn play a crucial role in paying taxes and a lot more.

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How do I create an invoice in QuickBooks Online?

If you want to create invoice in QuickBooks Online, then follow the steps below:

  • Choose + New.
  • Choose Invoice.
  • Select a customer from the dropdown menu under Customers. Ensure their data is all right, particularly their email address.
  • Examine the Invoice Date. Change the due date in the Terms dropdown if necessary.
  • Select a product or service from the Product/Service
  • If necessary, enter a quantity, rate, and change amount.
  • If you must charge sales tax, check the Tax box.

How to delete an invoice in QuickBooks?

If an invoice needs deletion, you can do this in the following way:

  • Go to Get paid & pay and select Invoices.
  • Find and select the invoice you wish to delete.
  • On the Invoice page, select More at the bottom then
  • Select Yes to confirm.

How do export invoices from QuickBooks Pro?

With QuickBooks Pro, exporting invoices is as simple as with QuickBooks Online. To import stored invoices into Microsoft Excel, follow these steps:

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, click Reports.
  • Key in Invoice List in the text box and press Enter.
  • Under Report Period, filter the dates, then select Run Report.
  • Select the Export button and click Export to Excel.

Automated Invoicing in QuickBooks

Instead of hurrying to make invoice in QuickBooks in every interim, automate your billing to produce precise invoices and save time at the same time. You can set up automatic payment schedules for regular customers using the automated invoicing software in QuickBooks. Send solicitations exclusively or in groups to your most confided-in clients, naturally and on time. What can you automate? Here’s what

  • Automatic invoice reminders
  • Recurring invoices for regular customers
  • Taxes, discounts, and shipping

How do pay an invoice in QuickBooks?

From the QuickBooks app on your mobile device, you can pay bills to your customers, keep track of your invoices, and monitor your payments wherever you go. WhatsApp can be used to send invoices to customers wherever they are. In just a few minutes, create and send invoices. You can run your business from any device with QuickBooks because you can access your account at any time.

How do you auto-generate invoice numbers in QuickBooks?

After you proceed to create invoice in QuickBooks, do the following to auto-generate invoice numbers:

  • Select Accounts and Settings by clicking the Gear Icon in the upper right.
  • Click Sales on the left, and then select any location within the Sales form content section.
  • Select custom transaction numbers. This adds to invoice no. field to all of your sales forms, where you can then alter the used number to your preference.
  • Finally, select Save and then Done.

Print invoice in QuickBooks Online

Users can print the transaction on the Invoices tab. Thus, print invoices in this way:

  • Head to the Sales menu and then select Invoices.
  • Locate the invoice.
  • If the transaction is pre-paid, click on Print.
  • If not, click the drop-down arrow under Action, then select Print.

QuickBooks invoice template location

Here’s how users can find the location of the invoice template:

  • Head to the List menu.
  • Select Templates.
  • Locate your estimate template.

How to create an invoice in QuickBooks for Mac?

Mac happens to have a different invoice-creating procedure than Windows OS. The correct process to generate invoice QuickBooks for Mac is this:

  • Click create Estimates from the Customer menu at the top of the menu bar.
  • At Customer, select the customer: select the Job from the drop-down menu, and then fill out the form with the date, item, description, quantity, and so on.
  • Click Save.

What menu do you use in QuickBooks to create an invoice?

If users are curious about how to create an invoice in the QuickBooks menu, then they can follow the method below:

  • Select the button labeled Create Invoice from the main Sales Orders tab.
  • Choose from the available prompt:
  • To include all items from the sales order on the invoice, select Create invoice for all of the sales orders.
  • If you only want to include some of the items on the invoice, select Create invoice for selected items.

How do I customize an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

If you are in need to customize an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop, do this:

  • Create or open an invoice.
  • Select Settings on the Invoice form. On the Choose what you use panel, select Change what your customers see to decide what company info you want your customers to see.
  • Select the Content
  • Under Forms, select the Form numbers.
  • Under Display, select or clear Terms, Shipping, or Due Date checkboxes to add or remove these fields in the form.
  • Select the Design section to change the colors, font, and logo.
How do I create an invoice for a vendor in QuickBooks?

The correct process to create an invoice for a vendor in QuickBooks is in this way:

  • From the Vendors menu, select Enter Bills.
  • Select the Credit radio button and enter the Vendor
  • Go to the Expenses tab, select an Account and enter the Amount.
  • Tap Save & Close.

Thus, in conclusion, we can assure the users that to generate invoices in QuickBooks the aforementioned steps are more than enough. Users can safely produce invoices as per need. We hope that this blog post was feasible to you!


This blog explicates the nuances of invoicing in QuickBooks. What is constituted in the name of invoicing is well-mentioned here.


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