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Ditch your Eyelash Extensions!

Never underestimate the power of your eyelashes

Our eyes are featured by little hair that lines our eyelids. Yes! We are talking about eyelashes. They serve purposes that are beyond your imagination. 


Eyelashes aid with eye protection. It prevents dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the eyes. Their curved form and positioning enable them to deflect anything away from the eyes.


They can also behave similarly to Cat Whiskers. Your delicate eyelashes can detect danger if anything is too close to your face or eyes. Such threats may include airborne particles or microscopic insects. Your eyelashes inform your eyelids when they should close to protect your eyes.


Not only are they limited to protecting you, but they also enhance your attractiveness. Your eyelashes can completely alter your appearance.


How to get luscious Lashes

Have you ever wished you had longer, fuller lashes? I bet u did wish because they can make your eyes look more attractive. There are numerous options to enlarge, thicken, and fill them.


One option is to use serums like Careprost, available at many online pharmacies, including Goodrx Medicine. Careprost is an eyelash serum that boosts the growth of your lashes and helps you attain the lashes of your dreams. 


Another way is to resort to Eyelash extensions to beautify the Lashes. It makes them lengthy, thicker, and darker. It is the latest craze that is drawing lots of interest. 


Eyelash extensions are a great way to achieve the ideal lashes and youthful eye look, but it does not come without cons!

Disadvantages of getting eyelash extensions outweigh its potential advantages. 


Why getting eyelash extensions is a risky affair?

Instead of relying on medical approaches like using Careprost serums to grow lashes, they are blindly following the trends of eyelash extensions. 


The American Academy of Ophthalmology lists infection or swelling of the eyelid, inflammation of the cornea, and temporary eyelash loss as risks associated with eyelash extensions. There are many other drawbacks as well, which are not rare:


Risk of irritation and infection

If basic cleanliness and application standards are not maintained, irritation and infection are possible. Before applying eyelash extensions, most lash professionals should conduct a glue “patch test” with which mink lashes are glued to your natural lashes. 


A patch test will reveal whether you are allergic to the adhesive that will be used. Sometimes, even in the absence of an allergy, the chemicals in glue might irritate the eyelid. 


The area around your eyes and eyelids is extremely sensitive. Thus the weight of the adhesive can also irritate by tugging on the eyelash hair.


Ruins natural lashes

Even if a skilled lash artist does your lash extensions, there is a possibility that your natural lashes will be damaged.


Midshaft breakage

Your eyelashes grow away from the root. The weight of the extension might strain the natural lash as it grows. The natural lash cannot hold the weight of the extension, resulting in mid-shaft breakage. It will make your lashes shorter.

In that case, Careprost lash serum can be used to grow your shorter lashes back to normal length. 


Premature shedding of the natural lashes

People often want the “Kim Kardashian” look, but it is not meant for all. When an extension is too long and thick for your natural lashes to maintain, your natural lashes may shed prematurely. It will lead them to become thinner over time. 



A nailhead is when eyelash extension adheres to the skin. It must never happen. A correctly adhered extension is carefully glued to a natural lash, and the adhesive should never touch the skin.


It is awful because when natural lashes will grow and pull the glue from the skin. It will harm new baby lashes as they will be pulled out along the glue. 


Also, because the hair follicle is blocked, it is hard for new lashes to grow. 

The skin can also get eyelid dermatitis from a nailhead, leading to itching and swelling. 


Can Natural Eyelashes Grow Back After Being Damaged by Extensions?

Similar to any other hair in the body, your eyelashes will regrow on their own. The average development rate of your natural eyelashes is approximately half an inch per month, although some may grow quicker or slower depending on the situation.


It will take between 6 and 8 weeks for your eyelashes to return to their natural form. However, if the damage is beyond the acceptable range, it is hard to revive the growth of natural lashes.


You can use lash growth serums like Careprost to expedite the regrowth of damaged lashes.

Careprost is known to have a faster-acting lash serum that aids recovery.


In addition, some no-smudge makeup removers and conditioners will assist in nourishing your lashes after lash extensions. These substances will naturally promote faster eyelash growth.


Final Words 

Undoubtedly, Eyelash extensions are an awesome way to beautify your lashes. But, the eyes are the most delicate organ in our body and should be treated with ultimate care. It is not the place to be experimental. 


Additionally, it is not the only thing to enhance lashes’ appearance. Switch to alternative options using serums like Careprost, which naturally help you achieve luscious lashes.

Sometimes, you can also use false lashes, which give you the look you want, though temporarily. 


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