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Effective Method to Backup G Suite Mailboxes to PST

G Suite is a service offered by Google for managing email communication. Users can use this service from anywhere and on any device. However, it is important to backup G Suite mailboxes irrespective of such functionality to keep the data safer. Many users don’t have an idea about the solution to create the backup. However, through this blog, we will discuss all such available approaches and inform you about one such solution that will outclass others.

Benefits of creating G Suite backup into PST

Creating a copy of the G Suite mailboxes into the PST file format has several benefits. Some of the reasons have been listed below:

  1. Making the backup of the user G Suite mailboxes data into the PST file format allows the user to access the data when Google goes for maintenance or whenever there is no internet connection.
  2. PST file is a highly portable file that can be easily transferred to multiple email clients.
  3. Outlook PST is a reliable file format that is much more secure than others.

The above described are some of the reasons. Along with these, there are multiple benefits to backup G suite users’ mailboxes into PST. Now we will look upon the available resources which will help to take backup of the user G Suite mailboxes.

Method to backup G Suite mailboxes data

Several manual options are available, which the user can implement to create a G Suite mailboxes backup. One of the methods is Google Takeout, this method assists users in backup G Suite mailboxes, but it comes with numerous disadvantages. Some of them like cannot backup more than 50 GB of data. It creates backup only into MBOX file format.

Using any manual solution is always difficult; moreover, these methods consume more time. So to overcome these issues, the user can take the help of third-party software. After explaining the manual G Suite backup solution, we will inform you about the third-party software.

A Recommended way to backup G Suite mailboxes

One of the better techniques for backup multiple users’ mailboxes is through professional third-party software. There is one such utility that effortlessly backup G Suite mailboxes into the PST file format. One such solution is the Shoviv G Suite backup tool, making it easier for users to create the backup while offering multiple user-centric features.

The solution allows users to take the G Suite mailbox backup periodically. Users can select any time frame to take the backup, i.e., daily, weekly, and monthly. The users can also add more than one user mailbox by providing the super admin credentials. If we take about its processing speed, it is much higher as the software provides a time setting option for the user to set between 2 to 30 minutes. If any item takes longer than the pre-set time, the software leaves that particular item.

All in all, the software provides advanced features to make the backup process precise. Users can examine its free demo version to test all such features. Its evaluation version allows taking the backup of the first 50 items per folder.

Ending Remarks

It is important to create a backup of all data regularly, irrespective of the fact that the data is stored over the cloud. There were instances when it became necessary to backup G Suite mailboxes locally into formats like PST. So this blog caters to the needs of G Suite users looking for a better and more efficient solution. The third-party solution described in this write-up overcomes all the inherent problems of the manual backup approaches. However, we recommend users to examine the recommended solution before making any decision.

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