How to Order Custom Candle Boxes

In addition to their functional purpose, Custom Candle Boxes are an excellent way to advertise a brand. Apart from the standard wick, candle boxes can be decorated with a logo or cute ribbons, artificial flowers, or other accessories. Such decoration options not only make the product item more attractive, but also improve the brand’s image and sales. Read on to learn more about the different options available in this regard. Let’s start with a few examples.

custom boxes

ICM Packaging

Customized candle boxes are a great way to enhance the brand identity and presence of your company. You can design and print a customized candle box within minutes. This type of packaging not only gives off a premium feel, but can also help protect your branded goods from environmental conditions. Here are some benefits of custom-printed candle boxes. Read on to learn more. This type of packaging is perfect for luxury products and is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and identity.

High-quality packaging is vital for a premium product, including candles. Whether you choose matte, glossy, or high-gloss, your packaging should speak quality. Additionally, you should look for durable packaging that is resistant to temperature changes. ICM Packaging custom candle boxes are a great way to achieve this. Once you have decided to purchase a custom candle box, consider the various customization options. Make your packaging speak quality and encourage customers to reuse it.

ICM Packaging

Custom candle boxes are available in several sizes and materials. One option is a corrugated cardboard box, which is a bit heavier but doubles as a shipping box. Another option is cardstock, which is much lighter but can hold more items. You can also ask for a custom quote if you have a specific size in mind. Here are some examples of custom candle boxes you can order. Listed below are a few tips for ordering the perfect one.

Candles are traditionally packaged in glass containers. Custom candle boxes can enhance this presentation and make the product look classier. High-quality looking products can inspire customers to buy them. Moreover, custom candle boxes are sturdy enough to avoid damage during delivery. You can also use the environmentally friendly, foldable and recyclable options for custom candle boxes from ICM Packaging. You can also design your candle boxes to match your brand identity.

ICM Packaging

If you’re in the market for a custom candle box, look no further than ICM Packaging. These manufacturers of custom cardboard boxes are known for offering high-quality cardboard, as well as creative designs. Not only do these products look fantastic, they’ll also help you to get your products noticed. What’s more, their prices are competitive, making them the perfect choice for your business. Let ICM packaging take care of the design work, and you’ll be amazed at the quality and style of their products.

Custom candle boxes are an excellent way to advertise and market your business. With eye-catching print-outs of your logo and contact details, your clients can easily recognize your candle and purchase it. Whether you’re shipping your candles across town or storing them in the garage, these boxes make great advertising tools. And they’ll help you showcase your unique candles and brand. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the many benefits of custom candle packaging.

ICM Packaging

ICM Packaging on custom candle boxes is an excellent way to create an eye-catching candle packaging box. This method works especially well with the latest candles. You can also add a hot foil stamping, which is a visual branding technique that leaves a gleaming sheen on the box and lends it a metallic, mirror-like finish. This method is ideal for candles in limited editions, gifts, and even standard candle scents. These custom-designed boxes can be an important part of a sale and can help your brand stand out from the rest.

Luxury Candle Packaging is becoming increasingly important to candle retailers. It influences the buying decisions of consumers. Quality Candle Packaging USA can help you create the best possible brand image in the marketplace. ICM Packaging on custom candle boxes provides an attractive display for your products and enables customers to plan their purchase decisions quickly and easily. You can choose between a matte or glossy finish for your ICM Packaging. For the highest level of quality, choose a 24 pt. cardstock material.


When designing custom candle boxes, there are a few considerations to make. One of the most important is the material. Cardboard, while ICB Packaging, is not as durable as corrugated cardboard, which is designed to withstand multiple handling and external impact during transit. Cardstock, however, offers a glossy finish that allows customers to see the candle’s contents from all angles. For this reason, some people prefer cardstock over corrugated cardboard.

If you’re considering the design of your custom candle box, you’ll have plenty of options. The first thing to think about is the material of the box. Cardboard can be easily recycled, making it a greener option than its counterpart. Additionally, paper boxes can be molded to fit almost any shape or size. Some boxes are a combination of two different types of materials, making them durable and eco-friendly.


A sturdy and durable box is essential for shipping your candles. The box should be thick enough to protect the candles from external impacts and multiple handling during shipping. The material should also reflect the message of your brand. If you’re going to sell handmade candles, consider using a cardboard box. These are environmentally friendly, and you’ll be saving the environment while ensuring the safety of your products. Listed below are some materials you can use to create a custom box for your candles.

When choosing materials for custom candle boxes, consider using recyclable kraft paper or paperboard. These materials are not only recyclable, but they can be reused for other products as well. Not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, but they’ll also increase your brand awareness. Moreover, they will enhance the appearance of your clothes. A lot of businesses now use these boxes for gifting. And since they’re environmentally friendly, you can choose from a wide range of eco-friendly patterns, colors, and materials.

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