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Online games about the Middle Ages

Online PC games set in the Middle Ages, a rather ambiguous period of history following the Antiquity and preceding the Modern Age.



Stunningly beautiful and realistic multiplayer slasher with knightly battles. You can create a unique fighter (MORDHAU features a huge amount of armor and weapons from different eras) and take part in exciting and brutal battles with a first-person view . Pleasantly pleased with the abundance of locations and modes, among which there are not only competitive, but also cooperative ones .


No other  PC games can capture the spirit of knightly battles like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare does. Epic and brutal, but at the same time easily mastered in a couple of games, the local carnage is sure to kindle the flame of militancy and delight in the soul of any connoisseur of medieval online games. A variety of classes, weapons, modes and maps will keep the interest in the game for a long time.

Note: There is a free online game quite similar to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare called Age of Chivalry. This is a modification for Half-Life 2 with slightly less beautiful graphics , but no less exciting network battles with a first-person view, unfolding against the backdrop of medieval scenery

9 years after the release of the first part, the world saw a full-fledged sequel – even more bloody, large-scale and realistic.


A competitive online game with a not entirely authentic Middle Ages, but with an innovative and quite interesting combat system Art of Battle, combining elements of slasher and fighting game , which ensured its place in our top.

In For Honor, as many as three factions take part in the battles ( samurai , vikings and knights ), each of which offers its own unique classes of warriors. All this, of course, is a complete anachronism, but in the heat of battle you don’t pay attention to it at all, enjoying fierce, intense and spectacular fights.


Robin Hood, the famous robber and folk hero, has become the central figure in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, an interesting medieval PvPvE action game in which players, having broken into gangs, try to skillfully pull off robberies and get ahead of opponents in this field. They will be prevented not only by the gamers themselves, but also by AI-controlled guards.

The course of each unblocked games 76 here is impossible to predict, because gamers have their own tactics, and a random guard patrolling the streets can disrupt the whole plan. We do not hide that the game turned out to be not without flaws, but its great popularity only gives a good reason for the developers to fix the errors as soon as possible.

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An unusual MOBA where players take control of world history generals and lead an army in multiplayer battles. The unblocked games 66 will definitely appeal to fans of the medieval epic – side by side, gamers, together with their armies, make sieges, personally brandish a sword on the battlefield, use unique abilities and jointly carry out strategic maneuvers.

Legendary generals, familiar to you from history lessons, have also become a feature of the game – for example, you can play for Caesar, Guan Yu’ya, King Leonidas and other personalities.

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