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Unit Testing Frameworks of Javascript 2022

This article will guide you about the unit testing frameworks of Javascript

For developing any web application or website, Unit testing is very important because it reduces errors and prevents the wastage of time. So, you should do unit testing definitely. If you want to build a Javascript project, then JS has plenty of frameworks for unit testing. Therefore choosing the testing framework is very much essential for any web development project. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that Javascript keeps on evolving fast, so sometimes it becomes difficult to be aware of everything. Too, if you are about to hire Javascript developers for your business applications, then you should make sure that your developer has all the knowledge of JS frameworks and it’s unit testing software. Today we will look on some of the Javascript Unit testing frameworks 


It has been used and recommended, and it is officially supported via the React developer team. Jest is a Javascript testing framework that is built on top of Jasmine and Meta maintained it. It was mainly designed with a focus on simplicity and support for large web applications. It works well with projects using Babel, Typescript, Node JS, React js, Angular, and Vue.js

Developers mainly use JEST for testing React js applications. It can be easily integrated into other applications and even allows you to use its more unique features. 

Sample Code

const sum = require(‘./sum’);

test(‘adds 3 + 2 to equal 5’, () => {
expect(sum(3, 2)).toBe(5);


It is the second most used library after Jest,  is only a test framework that provides developers with the base test structure. It was originally designed to work with Node JS. It works on a large range of frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular with configurations. 

Mocha supports you to write your tests as ES modules and not just using CommonJS 


Storybook is more of a UI testing tool. It provides an isolated environment for testing various components. Stories make it easy to explore all the components in all their variations. This means stories are the practical starting point for your UI testing strategy. 

Storybook comes with tools, test runners, and handy integrations with a larger JS ecosystem, which will help you to expand your UI test coverage. 


It works totally on a real browser without driver binaries. Application code and automated code share the same platform and give you complete control over the application under test. 

At the time of execution, Cypress takes a snapshot of the moment and allows the developers or QA tester to review what will happen at the particular step. It gives steady and dependable test execution results as compared to other JS testing frameworks. Moreover, the test execution is fast in Cypress with a response time of less than 20ms 


It is a popular testing framework that is mostly used as a behavior-driven development tool. It involves writing tests before you write the actual code as opposed to Test-driven development. It provides clean and easy-to-understand syntax and also has rich and straightforward API for writing your unit tests. As it does not relies on any external libraries it is relatively fast. 

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