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Way to Import OST to Outlook

Summary: Microsoft Outlook does not directly open the OST files but it can open the user PST file. Due to this fact, many users will raise their queries over the web to know about some alternative methods. Through this write-up, we will take on various options that allow us to import OST to Outlook indirectly through the manual and the professional solution.

OST files make it easier for the users to access the data even with no internet connection. It is called Offline Storage Table; these files are created when the user makes their Outlook profile and configure their account with MS Exchange. If the user needs to import OST to Outlook to view the content included in the OST file, we would like to tell you there are direct methods. Alternatively, the user needs to convert their OST file to the PST.

We will focus on a solution to make the conversion while prioritizing data safety. Please complete this small technical blog to clear your doubts.

Why is it not recommended to utilize manual OST to PST conversion solution?

We have discussed a lot about the indirect procedure of how the user can import OST to Outlook account. The user first requires making the OST to PST conversion and then needs to upload the PST files into their Outlook account. However somewhat, the manual conversion methods lack flexibility and do not meet the requirements of most of the users.

There are some reasons which are why we will not suggest anyone try manual conversion. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Outlook Import/Export method can’t allow users to selectively move their data from the OST files into the PST.
  2. There are various other possesses of manual methods, such as consuming more time while making the way to convert OST into PST files.
  3. A single mistake while processing the files can also result in data loss outcomes.

Due to all such drawbacks, there is a need to look for some other solution. Using third-party software, the user easily overcomes all such limitations offered by the manual methods. Now we will move towards explaining such solution to you.

A better approach to indirectly Upload OST files into Outlook

A lot has been explained to you in this write-up about the possibilities of importing the OST files to the Outlook account. Now we have to conclude that there is no direct method to import OST to Outlook; however, there are some tricks to access the OST data into the Outlook account. We have covered some limitations of such a solution (manual method) to make that happen.

Don’t worry; there are third-party utilizes which will help to do the conversion without any flaws. One such is the Shoviv OST to PST Converter, which makes the conversion of the multiple OST into PST files. Due to its higher data processing speed, the software outclasses all such manual conversion speeds.

This software has one of the most advanced functionalities, such as Incremental export. Using this option, the user will get assured about the process as it helps to resume the interrupted conversion process.

Conclusive Remarks

Lots of users have the same query about the methods to access the content of the OST file into the Outlook account. As we have explained to you that the user cannot directly import OST to Outlook, users need to look for some better alternatives. We have provided one such alternative in this article, which has all the ability to complete your set of requirements. Moreover, the user can also test the software free demo version to get surety about its working.

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