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Learn Reliable Methods to Import MBOX File to Outlook

MBOX is a popular file format used to store emails. Messages from the entire folder are saved in a single database file. This file format is widely supported by popular email clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, and Entourage.

Outlook, on the other hand, stores messages in the secure PST file format. It also provides access to storage for events, calendars, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Exchange Client.

PST’s user-friendly interface and security features draw a lot of users to it. So, in this write-up, we will learn methods to import MBOX file to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2014, and other versions manually and by using MBOX Converter Tool. Why do users seek to migrate from MBOX to PST? Before we start our transfer process, let’s first try to understand the users’ need to switch from MBOX files to Outlook.

Why do Users Want to Import MBOX to Outlook?

Since professionals prefer Outlook, many users want to convert an MBOX file to a PST. The causes are detailed below.

  • Outlook is an advanced email client as compared to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Outlook stores data in PST files, which can be password-protected.
  • Other than emails, Outlook maintains your calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • Some of the MBOX file format’s supported email clients are outdated.
  • Unlike MBOX, PST files allow for the storage of copies of messages, events, and calendars.
  • It is simple to transfer Outlook accounts to Office 365.
  • Any email client can be easily set up to work with Outlook.

These are some reasons that compel users to migrate MBOX files to Outlook. Now learn the method to perform the migration steps.

Manual Method to Import MBOX to Outlook 2016

To open MBOX files in Outlook, you need to follow these steps.

  • Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine.
  • Add and configure your Gmail account in Thunderbird.
  • Then install ImportExportTools NG via Add-ons and Themes under the Thunderbird Menu.
  • Next, use ImportExportTools NG under the Tools option, and choose Import MBOX file.
  • Now, select Output under the Folder option to import MBOX file to Outlook.
  • The following wizard asks you to choose the options for the import way.
  • In the next tab, select the import MBOX files option as per need.
  • Right-click on these files and choose Save Selected Messages and then select spreadsheet CSV.
  • Next, use the Import/Export wizard to upload this spreadsheet to Outlook.

Upload CSV to Outlook In this part, the above-created spreadsheet CSV will now be uploaded to Outlook. Follow the steps as instructed.

  1. Start MS Outlook and go to the File tab.
  2. Go to the Import/Export section.
  3. Choose Import from another program or file, and tap Next.
  4. Select the CSV file type in the subsequent wizard.
  5. Then add the CSV file and manage the options for duplicates.
  6. Choose the folder to save the imported CSV file.
  7. In the following wizard, check the selected folder and hit the Finish button.
  8. Finally, you are able to open MBOX file in Outlook after converting MBOX to a CSV file.

By following these steps, you can easily migrate an MBOX file to Outlook. But this method is not perfectly suited to import MBOX file to Outlook. Here are some drawbacks of the manual method listed below.

Constraints of the Manual Method

The following list of manual methods’ drawbacks is provided.

  • The manual method is too lengthy to execute.
  • Prior to re-importing it into Outlook, you must first convert the MBOX file to CSV.
  • You must possess technical expertise before using this method.
  • Time-consuming task in order to transfer the MBOX file to PST.
  • You need two email clients to import MBOX to PST.
  • There is no direct way to access an MBOX file in PST.

Many users want to move MBOX to Outlook because of these restrictions. Let’s learn how to transfer MBOX to Outlook in a professional manner now.

Import MBOX File to Outlook with Automated Approach

The MBOX converter Tool is highly capable of converting MBOX files into various other formats. You can also fix corrupted MBOX files and convert them to the format of your choice. Here are some advantages of the professional approach as compared to the manual method.

MBOX Converter  Manual Method
The tool is extremely adept at converting a large number of MBOX files into PST. You can convert one MBOX file at a time.
It can also repair corrupted MBOX files. It does not repair corrupted MBOX files.
No additional email clients are needed to convert an MBOX file into a PST file. Users need an additional email client to import MBOX file to Outlook.
This tool can directly import MBOX files into PST. You can not directly import MBOX files into PST.
MBOX files can be easily exported into multiple file formats like PST, EML, HTML, and others. It doesn’t offer any such kind of facility.
You can also import MBOX files into other email clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. It does not offer any such kind of facility.

Now, understand the workings of the MBOX Converter. Here are the steps to Upload MBOX to Outlook.

  1. Download and install the MBOX Converter and run it as an administrator.
  2. Click on the Open button to add files.
  3. Then the software starts scanning your added files.
  4. Next, select the email items in the preview pane.
  5. Now, tap on the save button and select the file format as PST.
  6. The process of converting MBOX files into PST starts.

Wrap-up the Words

I believe that by carefully following the article, you will be able to import MBOX file to Outlook. Even though there is no direct method that can assist you in the migration process. Therefore, in this scenario, we advise using the MBOX Converter tool to open MBOX file in Outlook.

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