Healthcare Social Media Marketing: Do You Do It Right?

Does your company work with social media marketing? You may have started recently, or you have been holding on for a while but have not given what you had hoped for? Today I will list the five most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when social media marketing. But, if you recognize yourself in some of them, you should change your strategy!

You feed out advertising

Many entrepreneurs make big mistakes in social media marketing because they feed out advertising. “Buy this!” “SALE on this!” “Buy now and get this for free!” “Check out our news,” etc. People are tired of advertising and usually do not want to be “sold on” anything. The best thing is to create content that arouses interest and commitment that people find fun to read and want to like and share.

Bonus tips! It can work to present your news, especially if it is something a little odd and unique. However, the best thing is to highlight it a little more fun, perhaps telling the story behind it. Why have you chosen to include this product/service? What’s so great about it? Why does the customer need it? Etc.

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You post too infrequently

We probably all know how boring it is to go to a blog or Facebook page that is more or less dead. The latest post was published several months ago, and one wonders if the company even lives today. Doubtful that someone wants to do business with the company!

My tip is to create a plan and stick to it. Feel free to make the plan, for example, six months ahead so that you always know what to post. The worst thing is that you decide to update healthcare social media marketing but have no idea what, and then it becomes easy to ignore it. It’s also easy to tag when you start and make good posts, but then it dies out, which is quite common with many humans. So make the plan and follow it!

Bonus tips! How often you should update depends entirely on the type of business and chosen social media marketing. We usually recommend a blog at least once a week but preferably 2-to 3, Facebook at least two times a week but preferably 3-4, and Instagram at least three times but preferably five or more. Twitter should be updated several times a day, while can be updated less frequently.

You post too often

It is also not good to post too often. It can easily be perceived as spam if you publish too many posts on, for example, Facebook too often. Besides, Facebook does not like this either! So if you publish more often than 45 minutes (on your private or company page), they prioritize your posts so that they are not visible to as many people.

Bonus tips! If your post gets interactions (likes, comments, shares, clicks) quickly, it will be prioritized higher and become more visible. Try to be active on your posts immediately after you post, like people’s comments, and respond to them directly.

You think you are more visible than you are

This is a bit related to the point above! Facebook has tightened its algorithms even more than before, which means that the posts you make are only visible to a few%. It’s easy to believe that just because you have 2000 friends or 1000 followers on your company page, all your friends/followers see the posts as you do. In part, many have a large flow, and it is basically impossible to keep track of the whole, but then Facebook has also made its algorithms even tougher. The more engagement your posts receive, the greater their visibility. So make sure to make interesting and good posts.

Bonus tips! Today, it is, unfortunately, almost necessary to spend money on advertising on Facebook to make your posts more visible. The good thing is that it does not have to cost that much. A 100 notes per post may be enough to get a good spread as long as you make interesting posts. Make sure you choose the right audience and choose a narrow one rather than one too wide.

You do not cooperate

Of course, it’s about collaborating with others! Also, when it comes to social media marketing. If you get comments, you should answer them, and even if the word is not a question, we humans like to get confirmation, so answer ALL comments. The best way to get more engagement and followers on your channel is to follow, comment, like, and share what others post on their channels. You should, of course, keep track of what it is you like and share so that it does not blacken your brand.

Bonus tips! Feel free to try to create discussions on your posts by inviting people to comment, for example, by asking an interesting and relevant question.

It was a pretty long post today about social media marketing. However, I hope you have received some tips and inspiration.

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