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Tudor fake watches Ranger – the best entry-level vintage new watch

The retro wave is the main fashion trend in recent years. In 2022, there will be many excellent new retro fake watches. The 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Greenland Expedition Team, the newly launched Tudor Ranger watch in July, today I will talk to you about its jacquard strap style, watch model: M79950-0003.

When it comes to the Tudor Ranger, it is indispensable to mention the history of the brand’s expedition to support British North Greenland expedition members in the early 1950s. 30 pieces of Tudor’s first self-winding waterproof watch Oyster Prince set off for scientific expeditions. At the time, at the request of Tudor, The expedition team also recorded the performance data of the watch under extreme conditions, bringing back important information for the follow-up improvement of the watch. This is the predecessor of the Tudor Ranger.

It has been tested and excellent performance, combined with the “Ranger” registered by the founder Hans Wilsdorf, a concept that adds adventure elements to its Replica Swiss Watches. In the 1960s, the Tudor Ranger watch gradually took shape. I roughly distinguish two types of retro watches in the watch market, one is the work that continues the tradition, and the other is the new retro style work, then I think most of the watch friends must be the same as me, more I prefer retro watches with its own history endorsed by the ranger type.Replica Swiss Watches

Tudor made the case of the watch out of 316L steel. Tudor adjusted the size of the watch from 41 mm to 39 mm, which is the same size as the Black Bay 1958. The trend of small diameters has indeed picked up in the past two years. This is a good watch, and the thickness of the new Ranger is also controlled at 11mm. Tudor adopts frosted treatment for the whole case of the watch, creating a frosted effect and more texture. The watchmaker polished some corner details to highlight the beauty of the watch lines. Tudor interlaced the two effects with each other, enriching the viewing level.

Tudor equips the other side of the watch with a screw-in crown, embossed with the Tudor fake watches cheap rose logo on top of the crown. The water resistance of the entire watch is 100 meters.

On the matte black dial of the watch, the Arabic numerals at four o’clock are very eye-catching,

and the dial also has a grainy effect when you look closely. In the continuation of the ranger type, this kind of adventure professional timepiece,

the classic shape designed only for clear reading,

Tudor also made some new details, such as changing from the full red second hand of the previous generation to

Tudor fake watches has also made some new details, such as replacing the all-red second hand of the previous generation with a metal natural color pointer, and only retaining the red design at the end of the second hand. Tudor changed the brand logo at 12 o’clock from the original retro rose LOGO to Tudor’s most common shield logo. The word RANGER at 6 o’clock is also a new change. The addition of these details makes the new watch more concise than the previous generation.

fake watches cheap

For the adventure watch, the luminous effect is a non-important criterion. The hour markers and hands of the watch are filled with beige luminous materials,

it is necessary to consider the extremely harsh use scenarios where they go up and down the mountain and in the dark,

such as extreme daylight.

The watch adopts a dense bottom design. Tudor fake watches equips this watch with the main force of Tudor MT5402 two-way oscillating rotor self-winding mechanical movement, with a size of 26 mm. The 70-hour power reserve reaches the level of a weekend watch. Although it has COSC certification, Tudor has been striving for excellence and pursuing a daily error of -2 to +4 seconds. These are the highlights of this movement.

The green, red and yellow tri-color jacquard textured strap provided with the watch is provided by Tudor’s partner Julien Faure. The two have cooperated for twelve years so far. Its biggest feature is that it uses In the 19th century,

jacquard looms were used to weave watch straps, so the straps are comfortable and soft to use. In addition, this company is also a supplier of top-tier weaving materials for Chanel,

LV, Dior, and GUCCI, so there is no need to worry about quality.fake watches cheap

In general, the reason why I personally think that this Tudor fake new Ranger is the best retro watch in 2022 is that it is real. From the point of view of watch friends I especially agree with, it is a simple, practical,

It is a classic watch with its own historical basis, and when we look at the ranger model comprehensively,

it still puts the two key points of Tudor’s watchmaking tradition in the first place. And it is durable in performance and affordable, so for me,

the price of Ranger can make watch friends more acceptable, and can’t pick out other flaws.

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